Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management

Oil Pipeline – no, it’s not the TransCanada one

Quick hit today.

In a waiting area today I could overhear a peppy sales person (maybe customer service person?) following up with a prospect/customer on the phone.
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This is the blocking and tackling of email marketing.

Among the thousands of messages I get in my email are many, many offers.

Here’s a good one from Land’s End.

Pretty Land's End Email

This is my favorite part:

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It’s happened again. Your partner came to work with another idea for how to find customers.

Before dismissing it with a “Yeah I’ll get right on that when I finish everything else I have to to”, take a minute and define a few things.

Not all ideas are good ones, but all it takes is one good one to make money, so you need a system that will help you size up every notion. Try this one on for size.

Start with the criticism Oreo cookie. Good-criticism-good.

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