Who will crack the mobile marketing nut?

mobile marketing

Head down!

Who will crack the code on how to market on mobile? Facebook? Twitter? Google +? Pinterest? Tumblr?

Not sure.

I know who is winning the battle right now.

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Are you ready to be inspired? 


Two horrible birds.

Love it.

Inventory stinks.

Inventory Management Challenges

Inventory Stinks

The nature of a retail startup involves “guessing” at what inventory to carry. And as our friends at Dell said many years ago, the result is “you end up with inventory, which is the physical embodiment of bad information”.

I started an online apparel company a few years ago. Mad Gringo. One of the products we carried was Tshirts.

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What’s the ROI?

Facebook Google Adwords Display Ads


The beauty of our wired world, as my techie friends will tell you, is that once our activities are reduced to bits and bytes, we can track anything. Think about it. I am logged into Google+, my browser is a cookie monster, and when I’m on your site you know how long I’m on the site, what page I go to next, where my eyeballs track. It’s cool, mon. Like magic.

As a marketer, that means I can track my ad spend, my sources, my sales and wrap it all up into a nice package for the CFO.

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Some thoughts on A/B testing. 

A B Testing on Websites

A/B Testing

When I get to expound on the same topic 3 times in one morning, it’s time to “blog it out“.

A/B testing. Optimization. Google Experiments. Site improvements. Script improvements. Sales material improvements.

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The Pivot.

Fast Company

I’m drawn to any use of the word Pivot. Just as I was about to brag on this article series, I noticed:

But just because the word “pivot” is at the tip of every tech founder’s tongue–and almost all will agree it’s an overused term-


In this instance they are using it to denote a major shift in strategy. Nothing about Chambers Pivot Industries.

Next year.

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I’ve read it here and there. The demise. Close the Post Offices. Eliminate Saturday delivery.

But then my postman shows up.

Leaning a little to the left. Looking a little strained.

With some effort, he handed me this catalog. Check it out:
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Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management

Oil Pipeline – no, it’s not the TransCanada one

Quick hit today.

In a waiting area today I could overhear a peppy sales person (maybe customer service person?) following up with a prospect/customer on the phone.
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“What’s the ROI?”

Stretch Armstrong - Expand How You Measure ROI

Quick thoughts on what has to be the most popular question I get once my proposal gets to the CFO.

“What’s the ROI?”
(quickly followed by “What guarantees do you have?” – I’ll address that one at some point. . .swear.)

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I get excited about new business opportunities. Sometimes too excited.

When that happens and I’m trying to explain the process, I can practically hear this cartoon taking place in my client’s head:

The Chambers Pivot Process Explained

© 2006 Sidney Harris

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