Plumbers Butt and Marketing Copywriting

Duluth Trading Company lightbox email

Have you met Duluth Trading Company?

I met them via a friend. I’m a sucker for a funny story.

I’ll get to that, but look at what happens on my first visit:

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Getting Started with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics baby

The question of the week have all been Google Analytics related. Like “where did you get that?”

Since I get to evaluate businesses that use Google Analytics, I thought I’d walk you through part of my process.

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Five Step Strategy For Handling Objections at the Close

Dennis Minton Sales Training

Dennis Minton

Minton Dickes
(Dennis Minton is an Organizational Consultant. I like how he thinks. Enjoy.)

“The sense of personal selling power derived from confidence in having a strategy for handling objections is an invaluable asset.”  Garry Kinder


There should be no knee-jerk responses, no quick moves. Never interrupt the prospect, even when you know what is coming and have a response in mind. Be encouraged that the objection is being voiced; it’s evidence that your prospect is listening and thinking. An objection focuses attention on those areas where the prospect requires more information and understanding. Listening to the objection establishes empathy. How you listen is important. Lean forward, nod your head in agreement with the prospect and let your facial expression register “I’m taking your objection seriously.” This earns respect.

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Contact Database Marketing

Contact Database Marketing

Dig into your contact database

You’ve been in business for some time now. Over the years you’ve accumulated a good size database. The time has come to put those relationships to use!

3 Steps

Where do we start? Same place we always do, we measure.

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Wisdom from the young and brilliant.

Sal Khan giving a Commencement at MIT

Sal Talks

Once you make it past the MIT love fest, there are some real gems in there.

My favorite? “Don’t waste inspiration.”

Good stuff.

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10 Point Checklist Before Sending Your Email Newsletter

The List - Not my list, this one is Roseanne Cash's

We all need a list

A long time ago someone told me “what separates us from the monkeys is our ability to Pause“.  (It may have been more like, “Dude. . .think about monkeys for a second. . .” but whatever. . .)

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Sales Training Ideas from Dennis Minton

Dennis Minton Sales Training

Dennis Minton

Minton Dickes
(Dennis Minton is an Organizational Consultant. I like how he thinks. Enjoy.)

“When you develop skill in handling objections, you’ll find they are a welcome part of the sales process.”  Garry Kinder


Following a proven process in the selling cycle is a must for sales professionals.

Two factors will determine your success in meeting resistance and overcoming objections: attitude and strategy. As with any part of the selling process, strategy can be learned and mastered through practice. But, first, it’s important to develop an attitude that puts objections in their proper perspective.

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Organic vs. Paid Traffic – Which is Better?

Organic vs PAid website traffic

This one came up twice yesterday.
(which may or may not mean something. . .Netflix vs. Amazon Prime came up twice too)

Some quick thoughts.

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Love it.


Married to the

It’s Direct Mail Friday

Direct Mail Analysis

It’s a joy to get a visit from the mailman and occasionally he brings me goodies that are worth discussing.

Yesterday was no exception.

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