A 91 Point Checklist to Optimize Website Conversion

A 91 Point Checklist to optimize Website Conversion This kills. Cruising the SEOMoz blog and came across this post: Holy Grail of eCommerce Conversion Optimization – 91 Point Checklist and Infographic I’m a sucker for anything that looks extensive and exhaustive.

Newsletter Kicking off the New Year

It’s January 7th The Holidays are behind me. Made it through safely and the new year awaits. Like Tonya, I’m ready to take a pipe to it. Just win baby!

Content Marketing and Lead Nurturing

Content Marketing and Lead Nurturing Conversations about leads have dominated my world for the last few months. I’ll toss out some ideas on the buzziest of the catch-phrases here. Inbound marketing, marketing magnets, attraction marketing. . .the goal is to attract business “organically” instead of having to go out and interrupt busy people. To catch […]

Time Management Tip For Work

Time Management Tip for Work Information overload. Business planning. To-do lists. Getting things done. It’s a universal issue so I’ll weigh in. Why not?

Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics

Getting Started with Google Analytics The question of the week have all been Google Analytics related. Like “where did you get that?” Since I get to evaluate businesses that use Google Analytics, I thought I’d walk you through part of my process.

What’s a Facebook Follower Worth?

I love reading articles like this: What’s a Facebook Follower Worth? – Wall Street Journal Some exerpts: