Wait, how much?

How Do You Overcome Price Objections

My work in lead generation results in a special by-product. Pricing discussions.

In this article, I’ll give you a framework and some language that clients find helpful in working through price and pricing. On the decision making continuum from simple to complex decisions in sales, these ideas are most helpful for complex decision making. If you’re selling toothpaste, you’ll find this less helpful than if you’re selling cloud storage solutions, but it may be interesting nonetheless. In your next complex sales discussion, these three ideas will help you navigate pricing conversations and price objections.  Read more

You’re Going the Wrong Way 
This morning I was in a sales meeting when a role play broke out. Listening to the questions and answers, I thought, “You’re going the wrong way!”

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Google AdWords Campaign Planning Template, Worksheet This is my 3-Minute One Product, One Solution AdWords™ Worksheet. There’s a link to the pdf at then end that contains a sample filled out worksheet. I’m resurrecting this because I received a call from a client that I had designed a lead generation campaign for over three years ago. His niche […]

Assumed Knowledge

This article originally appeared in Amalgamate: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business, Winter 2015

A wise friend listened to me explain a concept then reached out and stopped me from continuing. “Greg,” he said, “after listening to you, I know what my wife means when she says I suffer from assumed knowledge syndrome. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Last spring I attended a conference where I observed this phenomena firsthand. It was in the lobby where a dozen vendors gathered. Each one had a specialized offering that made life easier for a law practice. As I listened to their conversations, I couldn’t tell if their offering was of benefit or not, so I asked the lawyers in attendance. To my surprise, four out of the five said the exact same thing. “Greg, I couldn’t tell you if I need that or not.” (The other one was avoiding the vendor area.)



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Selling and Seduction


While its hard to imagine in this day of mobile phones and deliverymen that try in vain to hide a bland corrugated cardboard box under your doormat, there was a a time when department store retail was new, fresh, unexplored territory that provided wealth and privilege to its owners. In the book Merchant Princes: An Intimate History of Jewish Families Who Built Great Department Stores by Leon Harris, the reader travels back in time before mega malls and look-a-like chain stores to tell the stories of the families that built early retail dynasties. Read more

Deep Down, We’re All the Same

same but different sales tactics

This article originally appeared in Amalgamate: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business, Winter 2016

“My industry is different.”

I hear this regularly in response to my advice. “That may work for them, but our industry/people/ prospects/offer is different.”

That’s true. That’s why, ultimately, you have to make it work for your people. You have to make it fit. Read more

Selling and Robots and AI and Doctors


Bleep boop.

News from the Chambers Pivot ticker tape. IBM’s Watson and Salesforce’s Einstein are getting together to make us smarter. It comes as I’ve been immersing myself in sales and marketing software. Researching dozens of the thousand plus startups promising to make selling automated. It’s a trend. A vision of the future where the machine is able to predict where and when a buyer is ready to purchase. Getting us to the holy grail of the right message to the right person at the right time.

It will happen. I just don’t think we’re close to having it happen today. Read more

How to be a Great Sales Manager


I am the greatest.

You’ve seen me list the differences between the two roles hereRead more

Measure Twice, Act Once: Simple, effective sales and marketing metrics


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How will we know it’s working?

What if I told you that is a loaded question to ask a consultant? This teleseminar will identify communication traps that slow marketing campaigns and business development efforts to a crawl and then offer some advice on what works best when establishing KPIs. Read more

Before you send that proposal. . .

Before You Send That Proposal

  • Does your proposal start with an About Us section? Change it to an about them section.
  • List their objectives. They’re considering you because you can help them reach their objectives. Don’t bury them, lead with them. If you aren’t clear on their objectives, ask. Use their language.
  • List how everyone will know your proposed product/service is working. Caution: if it’s a measurement that you’ve created, scratch it and go get theirs. If you’re selling a renewable service, this measure is, um, important.
  • Consider offering multiple solutions, giving them options. Just make them unique. As my restaurant friend suggests, “instead of offering two chocolate desserts, offer something chocolate and something nutty.”

All there? Now you can send it.

Good stuff.