The Case for Publishing Prices

Data as Currency?

Data as Currency? Did you see this article? I picked it up from my friends Datafiniti. (Gracias)

Long Tail Demand and the Direct to Garment Printer

Long Tail Demand and the Direct to Garment Printer A few weeks ago I made reference to a life lesson learned with my old garment business, Mad Gringo. The lack of data inherent in that business manifested itself in inventory and violated one of my other life lessons: keep cash in hand. Not all was […]

Let’s do some Contact Database Marketing

Contact Database Marketing You’ve been in business for some time now. Over the years you’ve accumulated a good size database. The time has come to put those relationships to use! 3 Steps Where do we start? Same place we always do, we measure.

Direct Mail Friday

It’s Direct Mail Friday It’s a joy to get a visit from the mailman and occasionally he brings me goodies that are worth discussing. Yesterday was no exception.

Marketing on Mobile

Who will crack the mobile marketing nut? Who will crack the code on how to market on mobile? Facebook? Twitter? Google +? Pinterest? Tumblr? Not sure. I know who is winning the battle right now. Email.


Are you ready to be inspired?    Two horrible birds. Love it.

Inventory Management with a Direct To Garment Printer

Inventory stinks. The nature of a retail startup involves “guessing” at what inventory to carry. And as our friends at Dell said many years ago, the result is “you end up with inventory, which is the physical embodiment of bad information”. I started an online apparel company a few years ago. Mad Gringo. One of the products […]

Direct Mail is Dead?

“DIRECT MAIL IS DEAD!” I’ve read it here and there. The demise. Close the Post Offices. Eliminate Saturday delivery. But then my postman shows up. Leaning a little to the left. Looking a little strained. With some effort, he handed me this catalog. Check it out:

Expand your definition of ROI

“What’s the ROI?” Quick thoughts on what has to be the most popular question I get once my proposal gets to the CFO. “What’s the ROI?” (quickly followed by “What guarantees do you have?” – I’ll address that one at some point. . .swear.)