Facebook, Google Adwords, Analytics and the Power of Impressions

What’s the ROI? The beauty of our wired world, as my techie friends will tell you, is that once our activities are reduced to bits and bytes, we can track anything. Think about it. I am logged into Google+, my browser is a cookie monster, and when I’m on your site you know how long […]

Gimme an A! (some thoughts on A/B testing)

Some thoughts on A/B testing.  When I get to expound on the same topic 3 times in one morning, it’s time to “blog it out“. A/B testing. Optimization. Google Experiments. Site improvements. Script improvements. Sales material improvements.

Fast Company talks about The Pivot

The Pivot. I’m drawn to any use of the word Pivot. Just as I was about to brag on this article series, I noticed: But just because the word “pivot” is at the tip of every tech founder’s tongue–and almost all will agree it’s an overused term- Nice. In this instance they are using it […]

Direct Mail is Dead?

“DIRECT MAIL IS DEAD!” I’ve read it here and there. The demise. Close the Post Offices. Eliminate Saturday delivery. But then my postman shows up. Leaning a little to the left. Looking a little strained. With some effort, he handed me this catalog. Check it out: