Teleseminar: Using Fit to Sell More to Existing Customers


You’ve heard it said that it’s 5 times cheaper to sell to existing clients, but how do you do it?
I’ll explore a case study where we came close to that goal on Thursday at noon CST.

Register here. (recording will be sent 24 hours after the event)

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Perception and Fit

MC Escher

MC Escher

You hear this one all the time, “Perception is reality.” Especially if you’re in sales where it’s almost a hymn.

You can apply it to your people too. How they perceive you as a leader and how they perceive their work is their reality.

I can see your head nodding slightly and the thought bubble saying, “. . .and??” Read more

Hire Personable Copycats.

Hire Personable Copycats

Top companies attract top people. One of the ways that happens is by hiring for personality and the new hire’s ability to emulate proper behaviors. Before you hire the next person, do two things: strip away all the past accomplishments and accolades and ask, will we like working with them? Then put some tasks together that ask them to emulate a behavior. Hire people you like and make sure they can emulate the behaviors you want in your best employees. That’s how you attract top people.

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The Winter 2015 Edition of Amalgamate

Winter 2015

Amalgamate Winter 2015

It’s here! The Winter 2015 edition of my semi-annual collection of ideas for your business.

This edition includes ideas on Business Strategy, Business Practices that Fit, and Tactics your team can implement today.

If you received a copy of the Summer Edition, look for your Winter Edition to show up sometime next week. If you want to get a copy, send me a note to with your mailing information and I’ll drop one out. The ebook will be ready in mid-December.

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Most people are good.

Most People Are Good

The human race exists on a continuum. 10% of people are predominately bad and 10% are predominantly good. The rest of us fall in between. We’re not perfect, but we try to do the right thing. Realize that and act accordingly.

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Sales Manager vs. Sales Person

Sales Manager/Sales Person

Let’s revisit the concept of a dual role sales manager/sales person because I keep bumping into it. I touched on the topic a few years ago in this post (Good Salespeople Make Terrible Sales Managers). Today, I’m just giving you a grid to consider what you’re asking for.  Read more

Make a decision, then make it right.

Make A Decision

Why do some organizations get better results than others? It’s because of their decision-making process. They do the following: First, they make a decision. Second, they do whatever they must to make that decision right. You can do that, too. Gather data, take your best guess, and then iterate until your decision becomes the right one.

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Designing Sales and Marketing Practices That Fit

sales and marketing practices that fit

(not a fit)

I’m finishing up the edits to my fiction novel, The Legend of Mad Gringo. It’s based on my time in the apparel world. During that period of my life, we designed all sorts of garments including swimwear. Specifically board shorts, like the surfers wear.

I still have a few pair. I’m thinking of one in particular. Tomato red with tikis all over. Every single time I wear it I get compliments. “Great shorts! Where’d you get them?” “Whoa! I need a pair of those!” But here’s the thing. . . Read more

Rent a Brain 160 Characters At a Time


You may find this worth noting. I have a couple of mentees that are easily under 30 years old and there’s an interesting dynamic taking place.

They like to text.  Read more

The Ride Along

Sales and Marketing

Recent events in Waco (9 killed in biker war at Waco, Texas restaurant) remind me of smaller conference room skirmishes that happen every day. Consider this scene.

The curtain opens to show a Conference Room on floor 34 of the big bank building. There are 8 people gathered around a long table.

The well dressed woman at one end looks at a piece of paper, “Next item, our new field brochures.” She turns to the man on her left, “Will you please hand those out?”

Immediately, one of the recipients wrinkles up her nose. “This looks great, but it doesn’t have our current promo rate.”

The room shifts in their seats.

“You know the reps are looking for a call to action on these things. We always go through this.”  Read more