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(Dennis Minton is an Organizational Consultant. I like how he thinks. Enjoy his Monday Morning Minute.)

“Let us remember that as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.”


We believe you create a future, characterized by high performance and fulfillment, by making a responsible commitment to think right, work right, sell right, study right, and live right.

Here are ten strategies for forming the habit of living right.
•  Compete, don’t compare. Be yourself, but learn to be your best self. Winning means excelling at being you.

•  Live on the right side of “but.” When we live on the wrong side of that little conjunction “but,” we say things like, “Oh, I guess the sales meeting was OK, but it was a little long.” Living and selling on the right side of “but” causes you to affirm, “Yes, the competition gets tougher, but I work for the best company. I sell the best products and it’s great to be alive and selling for my company!”

•  Develop what it takes. It’s often said about successful performers, “They’ve got what it takes!” They are intensely goal oriented, have high energy levels, know their sales lines, do not take “no” personally, are impeccably honest with themselves and customers, show high levels of empathy, and are 100% accountable for results.

•  Enrich your mind. Learn the riches of reading. Setting aside 15 minutes a day will enable you to read up to two dozen books a year. To get the most from your books and periodicals, read with a pen or highlighter in hand. Enrich your mind – and improve your sales!

 Build goodwill. In selling, as in business and politics, you will need a lot of people spread out in the right places, whom you can depend upon – because they can depend on you.

•  Know what is important. The greatest thing in the world, love – love of family, home, friends, associates, company, and country.

•  Live within income. Somewhere along the line, the lack of good financial management becomes a barrier to professional growth, no matter how talented the salesperson. It eats into concentration and confidence.

•  Extend your stay. According to the experts, there are seven steps to take if you wish to live longer, healthier days on earth: stay active, be optimistic, cope with adversity, reduce your weight, plan significant events, change the pace, and have periodic check-ups.

 Live in balance. Successful individuals many times fail in life for reasons that have nothing to do with how they perform in their jobs. Keep your professional, physical, financial, personal, and spiritual dimensions in balance, and you will function at full capacity.

•  Finish strong. It is the spirit that motivates, that calls upon our reserves of dedication and effort, that decides whether we will give our best, finish strong, or just do enough to get by.

Make 2013 the BEST Year of Your Career!

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