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Dennis Minton on Salespeople and Preparation

Dennis Minton on cultivating the will to prepare.

Dennis Minton Sales Training

Dennis Minton

Minton Dickes
(Dennis Minton is an Organizational Consultant. Enjoy the Monday Morning Minute.)

“Salespeople achieve new peaks in performance when they have the know-how, the skill, the enthusiasm and the will to achieve.”  Ron Price


Spectacular performances are always preceded by unspectacular preparation. Many people look at the stars in selling and say, “I wish I could perform like they do; I wish I had their knowledge — their contacts.” When salespeople say that, they don’t really mean it. They want the high achievers’ skills, and of course, their incomes – but as for the years of unspectacular preparation – that is another matter.

We must cultivate the will to be prepared. We must be well versed on our subject. We must know our product, backward and forward. We must know our prospects’ businesses and how we can best serve them. We have to put in hours and hours of unspectacular preparation so that we can come up with a spectacular performance at the time of the sales interview.

Many times, the price of success comes in the form of hard work, study, and the everyday drudgery of doing the things that the unsuccessful refuse to do. This is that unspectacular preparation that always precedes spectacular sales results.

In your preparation for building a firm foundation for success in selling, here are a few stones to include:

•  The value of confidence
•  The worth of honesty
•  The privilege of working
•  The discipline of struggle
•  The magnetism of character
•  The radiance of health
•  The effectiveness of simplicity
•  The winsomeness of courtesy
•  The satisfaction of serving
•  The power of suggestion
•  The buoyancy of enthusiasm
•  The advantage of initiative
•  The virtue of patience
•  The rewards of cooperation
•  The fruitfulness of perseverance
•  The joy of winning
•  The wisdom of preparation

Cultivate the will to prepare. Be a spectacular performer!

Expect the best!–Make 2013 the BEST Year of Your Career!

Dennis S. Minton
Minton Dickes Consulting
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