Dennis Minton on Being a Generator.

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Dennis Minton

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(Dennis Minton is an Organizational Consultant. Enjoy the Monday Morning Minute.)

“If you’re not building relationships or communicating ideas you may become a successful order taker, but you’ll never become a successful salesperson.”


Every organization has two types of sales reps — generators and interceptors. Generators represent only 20 percent of the sales force, but consistently produce 80 percent of the business. Why is that? Well, if you study the generators, you’ll discover they have seven characteristics. Study these traits and decide how they can become yours.

•  First, generators are well rehearsed. They invest time in preparation. They believe spectacular achievements are the result of unspectacular preparation.

•  Second, generators are relationship builders. They know that all things being equal, prospects buy from the sales rep they know, trust and like. More importantly, they understand that all things not being equal, buyers do the same thing — they buy from sales reps they know, trust and like.

•  Third, generators work at the right things. They focus on those few sales activities that make the big difference.

•  Next, generators always have a sales call objective. They have in mind a “bottom line result” as they enter every selling situation.

•  Fifth, generators ask probing questions. They ask the right questions — the questions that arouse interest with prospects.

•  Sixth, generators talk to the decision makers. They do not want to give their presentation for practice.

•  Finally, generators manage the buying process. They help along the prospect’s decision to buy.

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