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Minton Dickes on The Power of a Positive Attitude

MintonDickes on The Power Of a Positive Attitude


Bruce Dickes & Dennis Minton 

Minton Dickes
(Bruce DickesDennis Minton are Organizational Consultants. Enjoy the Monday Morning Minute.)

“Successful men become successful only because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success.”
~ Napoleon Hill


There are an unlimited number of people who possess extraordinary talents. Only a small percentage reach the highest rungs of success. Lots of people are motivated to succeed, but most fall short. Even those who bring tons of talent and a bushel basket of motivation often end up as also-rans.

We come equipped with our own sets of innate talents, and with the right stimulus, motivation can be positively influenced.

What is missing? The third critical ingredient in the success formula is optimism or a positive mental attitude (PMA).

Optimism is a Difference-Maker

There is research that indicates that a measure of optimism is an effective predictor of a salesperson’s success. The same applies to all types of careers. The truth is pretty simple: those people who have the most positive mental attitudes are the most successful over the long-run.

Talent is important. Motivation matters. And optimism must be harnessed by expecting positive outcomes and setting about making them happen regardless of setbacks.

Failure is a Step on the Way to Success

Thomas Edison made hundreds of attempts at building a practical electric light bulb before he was ultimately successful. Edison was quoted as saying, “I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.”

Success is almost always earned by the talented, committed few. The real winners are an even smaller subset, those who remain positively inclined in the face of obstacles that would cause most others to pack it in and quit.

The 2% Who Succeed

Napoleon Hill said that a positive mental attitude (PMA) is the key to making life pay off on your own terms. Nothing great has ever been achieved without it. Here is how he looked at success:

Most people (about 70%) just wish for success – and stop there.
A smaller group (about 10%) turn their wishes into desires – and stop there.
An even smaller group (8%) turn their desires into hopes – and go no further.
A smaller-still group (6%) turn hope into belief – and don’t translate it into meaningful action.
A very tiny group (4%) turn their wishes, desires, hopes and beliefs into faith that they will succeed – but can be sidetracked by obstacles and defeats along the way.
There is a group (2%) who develop a systematic plan that they execute with precision, all the while bolstered by their PMA. These are the real successes and the most productive of all.
The moral of the story is to take your talents and back them up with ambition and motivation. Add in an undefeatable PMA, and success cannot be denied.

– Dennis S. Minton and Bruce E. Dickes

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