Newsletter from January 23, 2013

Ventura California Email Marketing

Ventura, CA

I spent a few days last week in the Los Angeles area. Have you ever been up to Ventura?

I learned what a Santa Ana wind is. 20 degree change in one night. Loved it. Omaha was 5 degrees this morning. (Winnipeg was -18. Yikes!)

I flew Southwest. My favorite part of that experience is the line up. For my early early flight, I decided to stand at the back of my 5 person grouping. Not because I had the last number . . . just because. My boarding pass was all crumpled up in my hand because I was trying to get into one of those Jack Reacher novels. (someone called them mental floss – I like that)

It turns out that the absence of information does not make the heart grown fonder. It makes our elders angry. It probably didn’t help that I was amused with the obvious discomfort and craning of necks to see what my number was . Everyone was flummoxed. No one jumped in front of me. . .everyone tried to fit in right behind me. Big open space from 25 to 29. Go figure.

I wish I could pull out some greater human insight from this exercise, but I don’t have it. I spent the rest of the flight feeling bad that I caused some old people undue anxiety. I consider this a confession. My guilt complex runs strong.

Speaking of guilt, if you’re feeling bad for not visiting the best blog on North 53rd St, I have the highlights here for you:

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I’ve been spending a little more time on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn. Actually, it’s probably more like “marking my territory”. Here are some articles/tweets/notes from that world:

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Next stops for me? Phoenix, Las Vegas and back to L.A. If you’re looking to meet up, drop a note!

Good stuff.


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