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It’s January 7th

January 7th - Piping in Success

The Holidays are behind me. Made it through safely and the new year awaits. Like Tonya, I’m ready to take a pipe to it. Just win baby!

This weekend I stole up to Green Bay to watch the Pack take down the Vikes. 36 hours round trip. Beer tour. 80’s hair band. Packer’s victory. It was just about perfect.

Beer Tour
Roof Tops of Green Bay
At the BAr
80s Band
Trekking to Lambeau

All that windshield time allowed me to think a bit. You know what I came up with? Automation and recurring revenue.

I know it’s not a revolutionary thought, but it’s one that I’m going to focus on for 2013. Just warning you. It has it’s origins in free time, living in the moment and enjoying the little things. I promise that it will be good stuff.

Here’s what’s happened on the CPI blog the last few weeks:

Thoughts on Publishing Pricing – Does it help? Hurt?
The Question Box – A tool that leads to better questioning
Last Click Attribution – The problems surrounding attributing sales in analytics
Selling To Problems, Part 2 – Go looking for problems, don’t just tout your solutions

and lastly, I started publishing Dennis Minton’s Monday Morning Minute on the blog. Denny is a sales consultant here in town and his words of wisdom are excellent.

Here are some links to articles you may find useful:

A tax calendar for 2013 – from Lutz and Company
Demystifying SEO – from Copyblogger, a nice primer
Smooth and Easy – what does your packaging tell your customers?

Good stuff.


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