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I'll help you focus on fit to get more done, faster.

Momentum Helps You Get Results, Faster

You’re successful. You know your objectives, you have the know-how, and you're excited to get results. You have opportunities to increase income, promising ideas to test, and a desire to spend more time with the important people in your life. This is the year you’re going to maximize your lifestyle and get more of the important things done.

The only thing between you and your goals is the Black Box of Ambiguity. That period of the unknown where you plow through the day-to-day issues that life throws at you. You're here because you want to shorten time in the Black Box and get to your goals, faster.

The Business Momentum Program focuses on objectives such as:

- Improving your ability to minimize effort and maximize results.
- Learning best practices to stay on task in the face of setbacks.
- Establishing the best possible preventative and contingent actions to reach your desired state.
- Building confidence in your direction based on process.
- Keeping your focus on results.

You’ll know it’s successful when you experience:

- Ability to spend increasing time on critical issues and important people and less time on ideas, projects and people that sap your energy.
- Alleviation of stress levels because of confidence in your momentum and direction.
- Bursts of creativity in how to speed results with just the right amount of effort.

The real value comes from:

- A higher percentage of work time spent on your products, services and relationships and less time wondering why results aren’t coming.
- More of your personal time free to focus on strategy, long-term performance, and personal relationships.
- Higher productivity from less effort.
- Knowing that you’re maximizing your resources without burning them out.

Each of the Business Momentum Program options will help you meet the objectives above, but some provide even more value than others. The choice is yours based on your perspective of your needs. All include unlimited access to me and my intellectual property. I am concerned about your personal best interests and I know that the quicker we generate results, the happier everyone is going to be.

Review the options below and let’s talk about what you want to achieve in the coming year. Contact me at pivot @ or 402-709-9962.

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“Greg meets with me and others at Javlin on a regular basis to keep us accountable. As daily tasks and activities grow overwhelming, he helps us maintain focus on our respective end-goals. He acts as a trusted, objective third party who stands outside the forest and carefully asks why we make certain decisions. Then he offers unique, creative considerations steeped in experience, often citing principles promoted by industry and efficiency experts. He helps us think from 30,000 feet, as well as execute at ground level. Best of all, with admirable humility, he always asks: ‘Am I helping you?’”

Aaron Filipi
Aaron Filipi Javlin Capital - Director of Marketing

“You were dubious when I asked you to serve as our mentor for LLP, but you greatly undervalue yourself. Your skills were a great fit for the team  and I appreciate you taking the time to study and learn the material. I look forward to working together in the future - you have a wealth of knowledge, are very encouraging, and make a great coach. You added a lot of value to the process.”

Edward Weniger
Edward Weniger AlphaBitcoin - Owner

“Greg has helped me discover sales talent and inner motivation that I didn't know I had.  Prior to working with Greg, my sales approach was a methodical numbers games with an occasional “out of the box” thought.  Greg’s contagious motivating style taught me how to take the box and create an origami sales approach that transformed my success.  Nearly 12 later I still consider Greg a master of sales and a mentor to reach out to for coaching and inspiration.”

Jennifer Liebsack
Jennifer Liebsack Anguilla Properties - Marketing Coordinator

“I highly recommend Greg as a teacher, coach and mentor. I've had the privilege of Greg's expertise over many years of sales.  He has the ability of listening and coaching on each step in the sales process.  He showed me how if I'm thinking of something, then I need to ask it... to get right down in the trenches.  Why  guess?  I will still use this technique and call a client right back if when off the phone I think of something I should have asked.... such as ‘what's our next step?’”

Bill Thomson
Bill Thomson HealthEcareers - Account Representative
  • Momentum Program Renewals

    Each program can be renewed for a second six-month period for ¾ the program price and ½ the program price for successive six-month periods.

“Greg helped me discover a sales talent that I didn't know I had. Before working with Greg, I had a 'farmer' approach to sales that was largely ineffective. Greg showed me how to be a "hunter" -- to identify and pursue opportunities that would create positive benefits for me and my clients. It's been ten years since I worked with Greg, but I continue to seek out his ideas as I grow my own sales team.”

Mitch Arnold
Mitch Arnold Preferred Partners - Owner

“I started working with Greg after graduating college, he took me in to the company knowing I had little to no experience in sales.  For only working a short year with Greg I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about sales, customer service and loving your job. I learned the basics of selling and the importance of building rapport with your customers from Greg and I give him much credit for my success in sales and climbing the ladder of success. Thanks Greg!”

Stacey Smith
Stacey Smith Reliant Realty - Agent

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconI’ve done things like this before and it didn’t work. Why would this be different?

    Chances are you’re referring to a program that is unlike this mentoring program. This program is initiated by you and is led by you with input from me. I’m not promising a pre-set outcome because I don’t believe that’s how people work. You define the outcome, you tell me about how you plan on getting there and I offer advice from my years and years of experience. My goal is to help you gain momentum toward that goal, but it’s really up to you, Kind of like a Mongolian BBQ. You add the ingredients, you add the flavor, I bring the heat to help you get things going.

  • q-iconHow do I know I’m getting my money’s worth?

    You know your business. There are going to be tangible benefits to working with me, like revenue growth; intangible benefits, like increased confidence and swagger; and ancillary benefits that we don’t know about until they happen. For most entrepreneurs and freelancers, one or two new projects more than pays for the program, and the independent sales professional can expect to maximize their comp plan. It’s what I do.

  • q-iconYou don’t know anything about my industry, how can you help?

    That’s a good point. Since you’re an expert, listening to someone immersed in your industry is going to feel great and you’ll spend less time explaining things, but it probably won’t lead to momentum building. Business owners hire me to bring a new perspective into their business. They can get industry experts anywhere, it’s the process experts that will free your mind.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    I guarantee to faithfully fulfill my end of the deal. I’ll return calls, emails and texts on our agreed timeframe and I’ll offer my input based on your needs. It’s up to you to define your objectives and communicate them to me. That said, all programs are 100% Guaranteed. I want you to be happy, despite my tough love approach to building momentum.

  • q-iconI don’t want anyone to know that I’m using you. Can you keep a secret?

    Absolutely. Unless you’re planning on doing something illegal or something that causes harm, no one has to know we’re working together.

  • q-iconIt all sounds good but I just don’t know if it’s for me. How did others decide?

    It’s not easy to open yourself up to help. I learned that the hard way through the rise and fall of my various ventures. Entrepreneurs and freelancers don’t have a large support system and you shoulder a heavy load. I’ve been there and I can help, but you have to be willing to open yourself up to suggestions and be willing to stretch, just a little bit, out of your comfort zone. If you want 2016 to end up better than 2015 did, it’s worth a call. Contact me at 402-709-9962 and let’s talk.

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Please enter your contact information, confirm via email, and I'll get back to you in under 90 minutes to set up a time to talk.

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I respect your privacy and your information is 100% secure

But Greg, can you help me with [insert very specific topic here]?

I don't know until we talk, but I suggest you take a peek at the kinds of questions I’ve been asked over the last 18 months.
(I started keeping track at the advice of my mentor and this is the list as of October 2015.)

Should I build a Community on LinkedIn?
Can you build a custom two-day course on business growth?
What do you know about proposal writing?
How do we get more biz from our customer service team?
What do you know about database marketing?
What experience do you have with direct mail?
Can you help us with SEO?
How do we use Adwords/PPC for selling business to business?
Will you troubleshoot our pay per click advertising?
How do you do your content creation?
What's the most the cost effective way to get to good content?
Where do we start with email marketing?
How do we get more from our customer base?
How do we fix out CRM adoption?
What do you know about marketing database management?
Do you have a process for sales database management?
Can you help with fundraising?
How did you get investors?
Could you help us with marketing materials?
Custom or off-the-shelf website?
How did they (competitor) get so big?
I think we should focus on Branding - what do you think?
Do you think Branding or sales is what we should focus on?
I want to do something like the super bowl for clients/prospects. How do we do that?
Is this post event survey worth it?
We need funding can you help with that?
What do you know about long term vs short term funding?
I’m meeting with a strategy consultant - do you do that?
Can you help me communicate my strategy?
We’re going to move to a new location - know anything about that?
How do we communication change better?
How do you focus on our strengths?
Who do you know that can help us with graphic design?
Can you help with meeting key contacts/introductions?
Do you help with process development?
How do you test a process?
Which of these messages do you like best?
I think we need more testing, do you know someone who can do that?
Do you facilitate meetings?
Can you help me find a key person?
Will you attend this meeting with me?
Can I send you on a ride along with my business development guy?
Will you manage the adoption of this change?
How do you keep people on track?
Can you help with our close rate?
What do you know about customer experience?
Do you do customer surveys?
What's the best way to do post event follow up?
Can you help us brainstorm some new ideas?
Can you help troubleshoot our sales process?
Will you help us find new revenue niches?
How do we increase prices?
What do you know about the sales process for SaaS?
You work on ecommerce shopping experiences, right?
Should we be using automated messaging for new prospects/customers?
Does anyone make social media work?
Have you done FB contests?
You make it sound so simple, is it really that easy?
How do I get my boss to take me seriously?
Based on your experience, what should I be aware of as the company grows?
Why spend the time on strategy when it just changes?
How do I get the team to be more consistent?
How would you sell this? We're struggling in this market.
What can I do to make my team more entrepreneurial?
What do I need on my product pages online?
Do online reviews matter?
Will you help us with a new logo?
How do I get rid of my old customers?
How do I know if it's a fit?
Isn't there a better way to do this?
What do you think of this vendor? Should I use them?
Can you help us with usability?
Do you know anything about running a summit for clients and prospects?
How will I know if the training worked?
Can I use your drawings with my board of directors?

How do I get a better job, fast?
What can you tell me about retention?
What are the best customer reporting tools?
Are you familiar with managing licensor/licensee relationships?
How do we pay for that?
How did they afford that?
What do you know about lead generation?
What about leads for mass torts?
Who do you know that does lead generation for personal injury lawyers?
What is the right cost per lead?
How do you calculate cost per acquisition?
What do you know about mobile sites?
I think we have Google Analytics, but how do we use it?
I need help making these tools usable for the staff, do you do that?
What do you know about webmaster tools?
Have you heard of the Google Tag Manager?
What are the best practices for porting over a new website?
How do we manage these ad vendors?
Have you ever done lead generation in the car business?
How do we use test this new technology?
Have you ever outsourced API development to get things done?
What's the best way for setting up calendars that work?
What do you know about marketing calendars?
Do you ever use partnerships to grow?
What do you think about affiliate marketing?
How do I use freelancers better?
How do other companies find great interns?
Are there grant programs you know about?
Will you help us set metrics?
What should we be measuring?
Who is best for call tracking?
Have you ever provided leads for partners?
Can you help with my startup funding?
Have you built a prospecting database?
What do you do about working with someone who hates to sell?
What's more important, product or sales or marketing?
Can you help with selling a business?
How did you value your business?
How do you run an advisor meeting?
What's the best platform for building a new site?
What can you tell me about self-publishing?
I need help with my newsletter, do you do that?
How do you organize and publish a newsletter?
Is email still effective?
Who do you use for webinars?
How do you know what customers think?
Should I be splitting my mailing list based on opens and clicks?
Is LinkedIn better than an email newsletter?
What's the best format for email newsletters?
How do you network when you hate networking?
What's the difference between sales and marketing?
What's the best format for a 90 minute workshop?
How does mentoring work?
How do I get prospects to call me?
Where do you get all the content needed for all these channels?
How do I find time to write?
What's the best way to follow up with prospects that don't respond to my emails?
How did you learn how to draw those diagrams?
Should we open an office in a new city?
How do I get away from hourly billing?
When is the best time to raise prices?
Which CRM should my company use?
How do I get testimonials?
Do you think my website needs updating?
What if I set goals that are too low for my reps?
Do you know anything about compensation plans?
Should I use eBay, Amazon, or just my own site for sales?
How can you help me if you don't know my industry?
Should we take on an investor for expansion?
When is the right time to expand?
How often should we send emails to customers?
Is this business worth saving?
What do you recommend we do with a problem employee?
Where do you find all your free time?
Can you share an example of a great prospect follow up system?
How do you help people prioritize their time?
Does anyone still cold call? Does it work?
How do you define branding?
What do you know about press releases?

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“When I first met Greg, I had zero sales experience. As a part of his teaching style, Greg would ask me all sorts of questions about the sales I had in my pipeline.  At first, I could not answer most of his questions, so I had to call my customers to ask them.  After a short time, it became a game for me to be able to answer every question Greg would ask.  In this process, Greg had taught me valuable lessons in getting the right information from clients and arming myself to accurately predict my best opportunities.  It has been a lesson I have not forgotten even today as a multi-million dollar producer.”

Matt Geiger
Matt Geiger Citrix - Field Sales Manager

“Greg was my manager with First National Bank of Omaha. Over my 12 years career Greg was the first and only manager to incorporate a skill that is buried in my profession and that is the art of listening and finding ways to connect with potential customer and keep connecting with existing clients.

Greg’s prodding in the above mentioned topics helped me set up one of my first large referral association groups. In my business of Merchant services, referral groups are extremely important in building trust and eventually closing the sale.

Greg’s out going friendly nature aided him in excelling in sales training. Greg is personable but extremely focuses on results. I give him my highest recommendation as a sales trainer.

Paul Krupa
Paul Krupa NXGEN - Sr. Regional Account Manager