Greg Chambers presents:

"Increasing the Frequency of Employee Feedback"

A teleseminar from May 25, 2017 at Noon, CST.

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Teleseminar: Increasing the Frequency of Employee Feedback

Increasing the Frequency of Employee Feedback

Are you or your people struggling with how to give high-value feedback in real-time?

In this teleseminar, you'll learn the essential elements for giving high-quality feedback in real-time, and techniques for holding people accountable in a way that doesn't make them defensive. I'll provide a structure that helps explain why it's hard to do the hard things, followed up by a series of tactics and scripts that will help you. If you don't need help, but are having a hard time explaining how you do what you do to your managers, these tactics will help you explain it in a new way.

March 23, 2017

Increasing the Frequency of Employee Feedback is an all-new program designed and delivered by Greg Chambers focusing on the challenges managers face in communicating about employee behaviors that need to change, without everyone getting defensive. This seminar is designed for business leaders, managers, and anyone that wants increase the frequency of behavior feedback in their organization. Greg will use real-life examples, noting what worked and what didn't, so you can speed up results in your organization.

Attendees can expect the following outcomes:

  • How to start a feedback conversation that doesn't sound threatening.
  • The importance of communicating the purpose of feedback before delivering it.
  • Which behaviors, if caught early enough, show the most significant impact.
  • Tactics for involving employees in their own feedback.
  • What to do to get started today.

This unique seminar will focus on the process behind communicating more frequently and how it drives behavior changes that encourage rational self-interest in workplace behavior changes. Greg has consulted and managed in industries ranging from professional services to consumer facing organizations and this presentation will help anyone who relies on employees exhibiting behaviors in line with company strategy to achieve outcomes, or other corporate way of saying, "if we do this, we can get that."

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