ABOUT GREG CHAMBERS Greg Chambers is the founder of the sales-and-marketing consultancy, Chambers Pivot Industries LLC. He helps entrepreneurial companies create sales-and-marketing practices they can get excited about and are a perfect fit for their cultures.

Greg began his consultancy in 2012, and has worked with clients in nine industries, including ecommerce, finance, and healthcare. He coaches clients on how to build revenue through practices like online-and-offline lead generation, new market penetration, database marketing, and referral training.

Before opening his firm, Greg was a serial entrepreneur. He led the expansion of the cult apparel company, Mad Gringo, and co-founded the lead generation company, GoLeads.

Greg's latest book, "The Human Being's Guide to Business Growth: A simple 3 step process for unleashing the power of your people for growth" teaches readers the easiest way to grow their business. Greg is also a novelist. His thriller, “The Legend of Mad Gringo,” follows a hawaiian shirt-wearing protagonist who quits his corporate job and is forced to do battle with “The System.”

Greg lives in Omaha with his wife, three children, two cats, and a dog.

Articles and quotes

Greg's Books:

"The Human Being's Guide to Business Growth: A Simple Process for Unleashing the Power of Your People for Growth," 2/2018 - Amazon; BEP

"The Perfect Growth Formula: A Balanced Approach to Growing Your Business Without Stress or Strain," with William Mattern, 11/2017 - Amazon

"Amalgamate Winter 2016: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business," 12/2016 - Amazon

"Amalgamate Summer 2016: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business," 5/2016 - Amazon

"Amalgamate Winter 2015: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business," 12/2015 - Amazon

"Amalgamate Summer 2015: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business," 5/2015 - Amazon

"The Legend of Mad Gringo: A Novel," 7/2015 - Amazon


Greg in the News - Video:

The Entrepreneur Way 7/2016 - Neil interviewed me for his podcast and makes me sound great. Not Being Your Own Worst Boss with Greg Chambers Founder and Owner of Chambers Pivot Industries

Infotec Live! 4/2013 – Jim did a nice interview about my presentation at Infotec, a technology conference. (yes, we’re watching ourselves talk)

Silicon Prairie News 7/2010- Andrea did a great piece on my company Mad Gringo and acutally used our Worldwide HQ as the setting. She wasn’t scared.

Silicon Prairie News 11/2008- Jeff did a nice piece on me way back when. . .things change.


Quoted in Moneyish 1/2018: How to keep meetings focused and interruption-free, with an anecdote about meeting safe words.

Quotes in The Canvas Mag 11/2017: Emerging Behaviors: Consumer Trends with the Greatest Impact, on consumer technology trends that will impact b2b selling.

Quoted in article in The Canvas Mag 5/2017: The Lesson of the Lemming, How mass appeal can be dangerous.

Article for Insightful Accountant 4/2017: Building The Firm of the Future, with ideas on how to build a high value, low volume practice.

Article for Insightful Accountant 1/2017: Developing Talent: Your Firm's Next Biggest Win Depends on it, how a firm's future big win will come from current hires that leave for other opportunities.

Quoted in article in GoodCall 1/2017: The One Skill Every College Student Should Learn: Salesmanship. Hint: I agree completely.

Accounting Today published an article 11/2016: "The Power of Options in Value Based Pricing" on using contrasting choices when presenting new projects.

Quoted on iMeetCentral 11/2016: "How data is driving the future of marketing" on the steps to take in moving to data informed marketing.

Quoted in GoodCall 11/2016: Unusual Jobs Held By US Presidents Show Success Traits on passion.

Quoted in Newsmax Finance 10/2016 - 5 Tips for Building a Billion Dollar Business on utilizing your employee's self-identified strengths

US News and World Report 9/16 - commenting on teens and car insurance, (link)

AccountingToday published this article in 8/2016 - The Impossible Journey: Transitioning to Value Based Pricing

Article in the 2nd Quarter Newsletter for MGI Asia, a network of accounting firms in 7/2016 - Bring Talent to the Top - 3 Business Development Practices That Will Surface Hidden Talent

AccountingToday published this article in 6/2016 - 3 Business Development Practices That Will Surface Hidden Talent

An article I wrote for Strictly Marketing Magazine 5/2016 - 5 Tips for Starting a Google Adwords Campaign

Quoted in AMEX OPEN 4/2016 - Business Expansion: Be Aware of These Red Flags with some thoughts on strategic planning

Quoted in Frandsen Bank & Trust's Newsletter 4/2016 - "Achieving Work/Life Balance as a Small Business Owner" with some thoughts on balance.

Quoted in's recruiting software blog, 3/2016 - Lousy Recruitment Messaging is Killing Your Brand, advising you to use your internal marketing resources creatively.

Quoted in the Davinci Meeting Rooms blog, 2/2016 - What to Consider Before Starting a Business, with two critical pieces of advice. Spend time with customers and find a good lawyer.

An article on the re-lauch of my old brand, Mad Gringo, under new management - The Return of Mad Gringo, on the Rum Therapy blog, of course.

Quoted in Staples Business Hub 12/2015 - "Swag 101: Trade Show Giveaways and Promotional Products" on not being too clever in your approach.

Quoted in ASICentral 10/2015 - "How Do I Raise Prices Without Alienating My Customers" on staggering a price rollout.

Quoted in the NFIB blog 6/2014 – “First sale” stories includes the launch of Chambers Pivot Industries.

Quoted in’s blog 6/2014 –A little blip on getting through slow times. Keyword: planning.

Omaha World Herald 5/2012 – Sure it’s an article about Wes and Willy boys clothes, but if you read to the end, I get mentioned. (talking multi-channel ecommerce)

A merger that made Silicon Prairie News 2/2011 – Danny steps up and delivers the news while catching me without a tropical shirt on and saying things like multi-channel ecommerce.

The Omaha World Herald 6/11/2009“Tropic of cubicle” includes more awesome quotes – some of the same ones from the AP article

Which came from Shout! Omaha 7/29/2010, “From Necktie to Hawaiian Tee” has awesome quotes, some cool pics of me and a graphic of Mad Gim doing the hula in front of some temples

Interviewed for an AP Article 5/2009“Hawaiian Shirts, Big Business Even in Academia” includes awesome quotes.

I got a little press in the Midlands Business Journal 10/17/2008 “Mad Gringo . . .”

My new company was featured in SURF EXPO 1/2008  “What the Hell is Mad Gringo?”

Part of one of Omaha’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2004Omaha Chamber News 2004

Midlands Business Journal Article from 2003: In Down Economy. . .

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