Greg Chambers’ clients experience dramatic improvement in employee’s ability to market with impact, the influencing of key stakeholders, and an increased drive to get results. Greg’s clients regularly comment upon his effectiveness as an engaged listener, an outstanding observer and, above all, a highly trusted partner.

Typical outcomes from engaging Greg include:

  • More predictable results from sales and marketing efforts.
  • Long-lasting increases in top line revenue.
  • Significant reductions in sales and marketing expenses.
  • Increased business asset value from increased revenue and lower expenses.
  • A massive increase in confidence in the company's sales process.
  • Harnessing everyone's sales strengths to grow your organization.

Read my brief case studies covering my unique insights and results from engagements. Get a copy of "The Human Beings' Guide to Business Growth," for more stories. To talk about your company, call me at 402-709-9962, or email me at pivot @, to set up a time to talk.

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