Greg Chambers presents:


“Using Fit To Sell More to Existing Customers”

A Free teleseminar that was held on April 14, 2016.

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Using Fit to Sell More to Existing Customers


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Using Fit to Sell More to Existing Customers

You’ve heard it said that it’s 5 times cheaper to sell to existing clients, but how do you do it?
I’ll explore a case study where we came close to that goal. 

Another  New Teleseminar Designed and Presented by Greg Chambers

April 14, 2016

Using Fit to Sell More to Existing Customers is an all-new program designed and delivered by Greg Chambers which focuses on the steps required to sell more to the people that know you best, your current customers. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, small business or on your own, you will walk away with ideas to immediately implement after hearing two case studies on what works and what doesn’t when preparing a path for growth.

Benefits include the following improved results and outcomes:
* Understand how your customers view your products and services
* Use the power of money flow to get in front of new contacts
* Avoid the 3 most common mistakes made when selling to existing customers
* Prepare for real life with simple, flexible plans
* Unlock the power of your real customer value
* Create x ray vision into customer pivot points
* Multiply your team’s power by aligning self-interest
* Never be afraid of losing customers from multiple touches
* Enjoy new cross selling opportunities that multiply like rabbits

This unique seminar, which uses an actual case study to impart its lessons, will focus on the process necessary to identify new opportunities in your customer base and the action steps to take. Greg has worked with everyone from professional service firms to consultants to technology companies and this presentation applies to anyone in business to business sales.[/text_block]


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