Greg Chambers presents:


“Getting New Clients:
Demystifying the initial conversation when selling professional services”

A webinar that took place on October 19, 2017.

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Demystifying the initial conversation when selling professional services.


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Getting New Clients: Demystifying the initial conversation when selling professional services

Are you putting in the time and effort to generate new business but not getting the results you’d expect? 

A feature of my work is using FIT to design individual sales and marketing processes that clients use to find new business opportunities. We focus on overcoming the challenges in communicating to persuade and engaging in selling tasks that you can live with. Especially the initial conversation and everything leading up to it, which leads to being twice as effective with half the effort.

October 19, 2017

Getting New Clients: Demystifying the initial conversation in professional services is part of an all-new program designed and delivered by Greg Chambers focused on overcoming the challenges around lead generation for selling complex professional services. This seminar is designed for service professionals that want speed up their sales process without alienating clients or acquaintances. As a bonus, prospects and clients love the process because it respects their intelligence and involves them from the start.

Attendees can expect the following outcomes:

  • Easily identifying the right prospects
  • Recognizing the true economic buyers with real buying authority
  • Gaining permission to approach with a mix of IQ and EQ
  • How to trade in ideas and set yourself apart from competitors
  • Customizing your process to never get lost in conversation again

This unique webinar used real stories from Greg’s experiences with clients and focused on matching the customer’s decision process to your lead generation process. Greg has used FIT to design lead generation processes in multiple industries and this presentation will help anyone desiring better results from their business development efforts.[/text_block]


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