Greg Chambers presents:

"It's Not About the Price:
Thoughts and concepts behind pricing and dealing with objections"

A teleseminar from August 24, 2017.

Teleseminar: It's Not about the Price

Dealing with Price Objections in Complex Sales

In ROI, investment is the only "known"

I like taking big sales and marketing issues and boiling them down to simple communication issues. Pricing objections in complex selling situations is no different and in this teleseminar, I'll cover some thoughts and concepts on how to navigate a complex decision process in a way that doesn't put so much pressure on price, the only known in the return on investment calculation.

August 24, 2017

It's Not About the Price: Thoughts and concepts behind pricing and dealing with objections is an all-new program designed and delivered by Greg Chambers focusing on the challenges around dealing with price objections in a complex sale. This seminar is designed for business leaders, their sales managers, and business development professionals that want speed up their sales process without sacrificing revenue or margin. As a bonus, your prospects and clients will love the process because it increases their participation in the solution.

Attendees can expect the following outcomes:

  • Ability to talk confidently about price at any stage of the selling process.
  • Easily differentiate between types buyers and budget restrictions.
  • Identify where the most value in the sales process is created.
  • How to outline the best approaches to inquiries about pricing.
  • The best next step to take immediately after the teleseminar.

This unique seminar, which will use real stories from Greg's experiences with clients, will focus on the process behind matching the customer's decision process to the investment required to implement your solutions. Greg has trained partners and stakeholders in these approaches across industries ranging from professional services to savvy technology sales organizations. This presentation will help speed up the sales process of anyone tasked with developing new business opportunities.

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