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Article for Insightful Accountant, February 2019

“We’ve decided to hire another firm.” Are there scarier words in a service-driven business? Especially a CPA firm where clients can take years to decide to hire you in the first place. There are multiple issues that impact client retention, but today I want to focus on one. The transitioning of a client between a senior partner and an associate.

In this article for Insightful Accountant, I discuss three ideas for improving client transitions inside your firm. The ideas are Perspective Check, Empathic not Telepathic, and Becoming the Future. Read about each one here:

It’s Not You, It’s Me – Surviving Client Transitions

While this article is geared towards CPAs, you’ll find this helpful if you need your top performers to make more time for business development by handing their lower revenue accounts to their associates.

Good stuff.