Big Data and the NFL Draft via Marketplace.org

Big Data and the NFL Draft via Marketplace.org

Football Big Data

Just the stats, ma’am

Early morning meeting was followed by this little ditty on the radio.

NFL draft is less art, more science: A how-to guide

(I tried to embed the audio here but the link above should work)

If you listen you’ll hear the quote, “there’s a risk of information overload.” Love it.

The ability to turn big data into small data is a challenge in most organizations. Especially because we expect “creative” data interpretations and most data wonks are from the STEM world where the word creative is a loaded term. The ability to let the data tell a story and then test those assumptions against more data is a talent.

It reminds me of a quote from the movie STRIPES: “Tech guys help the marketing guys” to paraphrase.

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Good stuff.


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