Business Growth Ideas #298 This week: Job searches, Scenarios, Meaning

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In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • No longer employed? Talk to everyone you know. A friend referred an unemployed colleague to me because I know people. I asked if he talked to his list yet. “I probably should,” he said. Yes, start there. It’s not easy, but it’s effective.
  • Going outside the organization to find tomorrow’s best practices is great, but don’t miss the opportunity to adopt business practices working inside your company today. 
  • Take a break from the news. Remember the last time you went on vacation and missed everything? It wasn’t a big deal. There are other things to talk about for a week or two.
  • Honor your people’s good news. Ask permission to share it. If you do this enough your people will share more good news with you and your days will get brighter.

Being Human – Worst case scenarios

“What, me worry?” Alfred E. Neuman


Every day I work with people developing new business opportunities. From new ideas fighting for an investor’s attention to a product being placed with a new customer, it’s about communication, persuasion, decision-making, and risk assessments. It’s sales.

And in every case, the sale takes too long.

The waiting is bad, but the worst part is when the prospect isn’t responding. I think it’s because our minds sprint ahead to the worst case scenario. Like when my lovely bride is running late and there hasn’t been any communication. As the hours tick by, the brain comes up with some fantastic scenarios, and they are always bad. (I’ve never thought, “She probably won the lottery and is conferring with our accountant before surprising me with the news.) It’s not productive and a terrible outcome is rare. I’m guessing some scientist has figured out it’s leftover from the primitive part of our brains to

I don’t have any clever techniques or tactics to work around this tendency. It’s part of being human from what I can tell. What I do know is if we’ve done a good job describing an outcome the other party wants, they will follow up with you. Eventually.

Don’t let your brain get you down. Talk to more people while you wait for the first ones to get back to you.

Random stuff


“Everything I know I learned from dogs.” – Nora Roberts


My extensive research suggests many of you get my little emails and jump right to this little stories section.

I appreciate the attention. Thank you.

Since the older kids live in different cities, the youngest is back in school, and my bride is back to teaching, I don’t have anyone to share this insight with besides Wilson the Amazing Border Collie (ABC). I can tell from his stare that he wants me to “bring the heat” in this section today. “You know, like I do with those f’n squirrels.”

With this in mind, I charge through the back door, running around the yard and shaking my fist at wildlife.

“That’s not what I mean,” he says, and walks away.


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