Business Growth Newsletter #115 – Being flexible, Executive coaching, Stuff I’m watching/reading

Sales and marketing Newsletter

Quick notes to help you grow your business in less time with less effort. . . sometime next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Why do most strategies fail? They’re too rigid. You need a target, sure, but you need to be flexible when opportunity rises.
  • Beware of language that terminates. Words like never, always, then, only, etc. Rephrase the language to open up possibilities.
  • It’s easier to change the future than it is to understand the past. That’s why we’re attracted to fortune tellers. If they’re wrong, it’s never their fault.
  • Speaking of telling the future, if you’re unsure, do what the pros do. Say you’re 40%. It makes you look like a wizard if you’re right, but gives you wiggle room if you’re wrong.

Being Human – Why hire an executive coach?

“Originality is simply a pair of fresh eyes.” Thomas W. Higginson


Why hire an executive coach? I have one idea to answer this question. More of my fortune cookie wisdom.

It’s no fun to be introspective. Since it’s a challenge and a chore, hire someone to do the work for you.

Consider the flip side of my statement. Whereas it’s no fun to be introspective, it’s easy and great fun to point out the quirks and failures of others. It’s part of being human.

If you want to accelerate your performance while expending less energy, hire an executive coach. They’ll find it easy and you’ll get to your goal faster compared to going it alone.

Good stuff.

Random stuff

What are you reading and watching?

This is some of the content I’m consuming, thinking about, and sharing with random people these days.

89.3 The Current – It’s the best playlist on the air

Ugly Delicious – Watch Momofuku chef David Chang talk about food with his famous friends.

suekichiii’s Twitter feed – I have no idea how to describe this except Bruce Lee, Freddie Mercury, action figures.

Does anyone have the right to sex? – Excellent essay from Amia Srinivasian on a touchy subject

Marginal Revolution – Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok’s curated articles.

Popehat’s Twitter feed – Ken White is a First Ammendment lawyer and his rants crack me up.

JJ Redick’s Ringer podcast – NBA baller JJ Redick had me hooked at Thierry Henry

Anything Daniel Kahneman – It’s like listening to the wise old Jewish grandfather I never had

Book Tour with John Grisham – I could listen to him tell the same stories 20 times. . .and did on this podcast

Confessions of a Public Speaker – fun read on the speaking biz from Scott Berkun

A River Runs Through It – Three amazing stories. I wish I could write sentences like Norman Maclean.

Anything from Derren Brown – he has a new Netflix special and once I recovered, I watched his YouTube specials. So great.

(Sorry to be so lazy, but I couldn’t think of a story and it’s 3:30)


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