Newsletter #90 – Annoying people, Retirement, Driftwood returns

Sales and marketing Newsletter

Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Deal with annoying people promptly. Yes, ignoring them is a way of dealing with them. Don’t let them fester.
  • When someone is babbling, try “I’m not following. I apologize. Is it okay if I ask some questions to get on track?”
  • When someone brings up a conceptual claim, test it. “Can you give me an example of when that happened or of someone you know that has actually done that?”
  • “Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth,” said Aristotle. (I wonder if Plato is still pissed?)

Being Human – Where did they go?


A rambling Englishman is talking about advertising to Americans and the topic of work-ethic comes up. I’m half-listening as he says something like, “I mean, there’s this American obsession with retirement but if someone in their thirties takes a month long holiday, they’re ostracized. I don’t get it.”

I think, “I don’t get it either.”

One of my big takeaways from the early 2000’s best-selling book “4-Hour Workweek” was Mr. Ferris’ exhortion to figure out the details of what you want. His stories didn’t resonate with me, but his idea that it’s not worth daydreaming about what you’ll do with free-time unless you have an idea of exactly what it will take to make happen did stick.

I wasn’t in the room with my English rambler, but I would offer this alternate view of Americans not taking time off in their working years.

We don’t take time to figure out details.

We love the idea of time or “retirement” as a concept, but we don’t stop and put ideas down. How much would it cost? Would my job still be there when I get back? What would I do? What would I miss? What would my co-workers think? What would my family think?

A common refrain among the self-employed/business owners I work with is that while they don’t take off for long vacations, they like the idea that they can. There’s joy when you’re in control, even if you don’t act on it.

Next week, take 30 minutes and look up details on what would have to happen for you to take a month off. Don’t act, just gather the information and simmer in it.



Random Stuff

Driftwood returns

You’ve heard the stories of our cat Ajax. Inherited from our neighbor and beholden to no domicile, he’s known to disappear for long stretches of time. Eight weeks ago I pondered his demise because he was gone for over a month at that time.

Wednesday, he returned. No worse for the wear but a little spooky. Dove straight under a couch in the basement.

Sales and marketing Newsletter

We have no idea where he goes and it’s probably best not to ask.

Driftwood, ah Driftwood.


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