Right FIT #237 – Problems, Headspace, Dialect

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In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Hearing about a problem? Go back to the point where the deviation started. First thing the doctor asks is “When did you start to notice symptoms?”
  • Each time a problem is solved it’s tempting to put process and procedure in place to prevent it from happening again. Resist! Sometimes the problem resurfacing is cheaper than new preventative measures put in place.
  • Be on the lookout for problems others are experiencing as well. The solution may end up being a product, lead generation tool, or even a new business.
  • Legislating the problem out of existence is a temptation, but let your managers handle it. Your manager keeps your team aligned with your goal, and playing inside the your field boundaries.  Plus, they do it much better than sub-points in the employee manual. Let them do their job.

Being Human – These days

Lingering symptoms, long-term damage


We’re enjoying a socially distant visit with friends on a hot summers night. The recurring topic of conversation is life inside the pandemic. The unexpected benefits from new behaviors and the new challenges we’re struggling with. At some point my mind drifts back to the post-9/11 era and its effect on the workplace.

Twenty years on, I’m far enough removed to remember a few instances of people thriving during the crisis, but most of the people I worked with just muddled along. On the other end of the bell-shaped curve were a few employees who did not do well. One in particular was lost to the workforce for a period of almost seven years.

I used to talk to her about it because she was a high-performing sales professional for the decade leading up to 9/11, but went into a steady decline after. With professional help and the love of her family, she eventually pulled herself out of her downward spiral and re-discovered her sales success.

When we get back to “normal,” be aware of the lingering effects on your team. I suspect some will be unusually productive, most will fall somewhere in the mushy middle, and some will continue suffering. It’s normal. We’re human. Anticipate it, take preventative actions where appropriate and be ready to deal with the rest.

Good stuff.

Random stuff


“There are 178 parent languages on our planet with over 1000 dialects,
It’s amazing we communicate at all” – EBN-OZN


Did you know linguists actively debate the difference between language and dialect? I thought this was settled in 1983?

It’s on my mind because I’m part of a creative writing group, and we spend our time trying to work words to evoke images or feelings. As protests continue in our cities, I’m drawn to the signs, the chants, and the interviews with protesters/counter-protesters.

It’s not the Queen’s English.

It must be dialects, I think. Then I look up the number of dialects in English, falling into a rabbit hole where linguists are having heated discussions about whether there is such a thing as language, or if it’s really just a collection of dialects.


If this is the case, I’m inventing my own. A Gregalect.

It’s going to take a while, so be patient.


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