Right FIT Newsletter #161: Buyer talks, Leader sales metrics, Comics

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Quick notes to help you get more sales and marketing done in less time. . . next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Take the prospect’s point of view. What do they think when you’re trying to sell them something? At a high level, it’s probably, “Why are you here? It’s either to help me or you’re trying to help yourself.”
  • How the prospect buys, following the logic above, is more important than how we market and sell. The more you understand how the prospect prefers to procure the outcomes you provide, the closer you are to helping them.
  • Ears. That’s the pithy response to “how do we learn about how they want to buy?” Get out and listen.
  • Stop worrying about the perfect sales process or the exact right language and start worrying about the gap between what you know about how your prospects buy, and what you want to know about how your prospects buy. Narrowing that gap is the key to finding sales techniques that FIT.

Being Human – Leadership sales metrics

HBGTBG-Mock-Up-smallAn excerpt from my book, “The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth.” If you need copies for your team, I have some . Send me an email.  


Leadership Sales Metrics

It’s probably a good guess to say that your leadership team does not have sales metrics. And if your leadership team does have sales metrics, there’s a good chance they aren’t hitting them consistently. When I ask leadership teams about metrics more often than not, I hear, “We should do more of that.” Or “I’m really bad at making time for that, but I know I need to do it.”

The reason leadership metrics are important is because of culture. As we said at the start of this chapter about culture, we know our people are going to look for gaps between what we say and what we do. As Drucker says, culture will eat strategy for breakfast. To unleash the hidden power of your people for growth, start with the behaviors at the top.

To do this, we have to set metrics that can be hit and make a difference. Let’s define what leadership metrics look like because they will be different than traditional sales or marketing metrics. If we know that as human beings we’re happiest when we apply our strengths to tasks, that’s where we need to start. Your leadership team needs to know, you need to know, what their perceived character strengths are. Then you need to apply those strengths to business development activities that can be measured. It sounds simple because it is, but it’s not going to happen without effort.

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Random Stuff

Maybe it’s not funny

killer close comics

Inspired by that tiny Marie Kondo, I’m cleaning up my website this evening. Dog at my feet, wife reading on the couch, fire crackling. Over the years I’ve digitally piled up dozens of half-ideas and attempts at being clever. One web page jumps out among the clutter and memories come flooding back.

I put the page up in late 2015 as a result of some deep reading on exercising creativity. In all the pieces I consumed, I remember being struck by a recommendation to do a daily haiku. Getting into a regular habit of doing something creative, but also doing it within a constraint. I’m not sure where the idea of a three panel comic came from, but that became my vehicle. I knew every day was too much to ask for too. Once a week would be fine. I set a reminder in my calendar to remind me to take 15 minutes to work on this comic, made it recurring for a year and by the looks of it, kept up for, oh, 3 weeks.

Curious, I check my site’s analytics to see how many times that page with its three comics has been visited in the last 3+ years.

10 times. And 70% of those visits came in one month. In 2016.

I say out loud, “Only 10?”

“Only 10 what?” asks my wife.

“Only 10 visits to the page with those comics I made about 3 years ago.”

She turns the page in her magazine. “Maybe they’re not funny.”

I grit my teeth and think about that for a second, re-reading the comics over and over to myself.

Yep, I feel it. Definitely a spark of joy. I’m keeping them.


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