Employees Only Value What They See You Do – How to Use That as a Competitive Advantage

Employees Only Value What They SEE You Do – How to Use That as a Competitive Advantage

employees only value what they see

What do you see?

For those of you that were once front line employees, do you have memories of the executive committee going off on retreat? What usually happened next? A new initiative. An exciting rollout. A refocused effort.

Change right?

How long did it take before things went back to “the way they always were”?

Been there. Done that. Change is hard because your employees only value what they see, not what they hear.

Here’s how you can use that your advantage. (Don’t worry – I’ll be brief.)

Adhering to the old adage that “what has happened, will happen” let’s go back to your retreat. Guest speaker, workshops, and camaraderie. You’re re-energized and ready for change.

What are your team members doing back at the office?

My guess: enjoying a relaxed couple of days in your absence; mentally preparing themselves for the next change; remembering how, like all changes before, this too shall pass and they can get back to work.

Use that to your advantage. You’ll probably have a last day exercise where you have to implement the plan. How are you going to phase it in?

Put in a 3-4 week pause.

Do nothing when you get back.

Nothing that your team members will see. No announcement, no big plans, no changes.

Then start slow. Lasting change takes time. Lasting change starts with you. So pick 1 change that you want to have made in order to get your team on track and do it yourself. If you have to involve any new members of the team, pick the newest members. (not as jaded)

That’s how you take advantage of the fact that your employees only value what they see happening. Not what you say is happening.

Good stuff.

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