Rent a Brain 160 Characters At a Time


You may find this worth noting. I have a couple of mentees that are easily under 30 years old and there’s an interesting dynamic taking place.

They like to text.  Read more

The NFL – A Bunch of Mama’s Boys

Pivot Kids uniforms

Look like a Pro!

Weekends are great. Sometimes I get to lay around, watch TV and eat rows and rows of Ritz crackers. Other times I find myself at a big table wolfing down ossobuco with an NFL Pro-Bowler. Last weekend it was the latter.

I hated to be that guy, but I was dying to know how he got there. To the NFL. Besides the obvious physical differences busting out of his tshirt, there had to be something else. So I started where most of you would, with “When did you know?” Read more

Sunk Costs and Strategies


Sinking of the Titanic

A recent article in the Omaha World Herald highlighted a debate in the state legislature about whether or not the progress  on the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s Technology Innovation Campus is meeting expectations.

“Some question Nebraska Innovation Campus’ pace, funding requests, private-sector buy-in”

A quote in the article sounds like it was ripped out of the Guide to Decision Traps. Specifically, the Sunk Cost trap. Read for yourself:

“In the meantime (State Senator) Mello said, lawmakers and the university need to decide what success should look like for Innovation Campus, how much that success could cost the state and how the Legislature can increase its chances of success. Read more

The Company You Keep


(I’m there – photo Val Wright)

Yes, this title is the lazy version of Proverbs 13:20 “Walk with wise men and you will become wise. . .” and it sums up how I felt this weekend after spending 3 days with a group of 200 successful consultants from around the world as we gathered under the tutelage of Alan Weiss, PhD. We descended on Atlanta’s Hyatt Regency hotel ballroom (where President Obama held a reported $33,000 per plate dinner just the night before) to be exposed to new trends and divergent thinking.

It blew me away.

I walked away with pages of ideas for clients and a new appreciation for the talents of my fellow human beings. Let me share a few takeaways.  Read more

How We Generate Early Stage Leads in a Complex Sales Process

Lead Generation for Professional Services


In my last missive we ran through a high level Big List of Complex Lead Generation Tactics. Someone gave me the white board and the scribbles were flying. Heads nodded and understanding floated down. “I get it,” someone offered.

“Now what?”

Start with the big list of tactics and shore up the activities you’re currently engaged in.  Read more

Small Business and Big Business Focus – the Barbell


Olympic Barbells

As work continues on the Sales Training Weekly course and the Tap the Hidden Job Market course, I’ve been relying on a visual that may help you define the focuses and challenges of small businesses and larger businesses. For this illustration, I’m defining small business as under 500 employees and large businesses as over 500 employees and I’m going to use my old banking world as an example. Take a look at this graphic: Read more

MintonDickes on Beginning With the End in Mind.


Bruce Dickes & Dennis Minton 

Minton Dickes
(Bruce DickesDennis Minton are Organizational Consultants. Enjoy the Monday Morning Minute.)

“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening.” – Doug Larson 


The Sales Training Weekly Landing Page



We’re about a week away from launching our self-paced online sales training tool, Sales Training Weekly. As Drew hammers away at the back end of the program, we’ve started working on the main selling page. The “landing page” in common internet marketer parlance.

You can view the landing page here: and I’ll be working through some of the points with pictures from the page in the rest of this post. Read more

College Costs and the Sales Process

College Costs

There is a persistent rumor here at Chambers Manor that we have a senior in high school stalking the halls. Evidence comes from the clusters of giant shoes, the odor emanating from one of the bedrooms and a grocery bill rivaling that of a small city-state . . . and there’s the college visits that have crept back into my life. Read more

Google’s Disappearing Organic Search Results

Google disappear search results

buh bye!

In working with an ecommerce retailer over the past year that has watched their revenue flatten and then decline over time, we found a direct correlation between the rise of Google Adwords and Google Product Listing Ads against the declining Organic traffic that came to the site. I will be covering the details in an upcoming case study. Read more