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It’s Not You, It’s Me – Surviving Client Transitions

“We’ve decided to hire another firm.” Are there scarier words in a service-driven business? Especially a CPA firm where clients can take years to decide to hire you in the first place. There are multiple issues that impact client retention, but today I want to focus on one. The transitioning of a client between a […]

The Ride Along

The Ride Along Recent events in Waco (9 killed in biker war at Waco, Texas restaurant) remind me of smaller conference room skirmishes that happen every day. Consider this scene. The curtain opens to show a Conference Room on floor 34 of the big bank building. There are 8 people gathered around a long table. The well dressed […]

Build Trust In a Connected World

Building Trust in a Connected World Today I offered a client some communication advice. Using specific language that helps their prospect come to a “yes” or “no” decision faster. Shortening the sales cycle. Language that hasn’t changed in many, many years.  This article was sent to emphasize the points I made. Especially the part about the […]

How To Spend More Time With Your Clients

How To Spend More Time With Your Clients  Your top people aren’t spending enough time with customers. I was reading a report on activities that professionals can outsource to assistants. Included in that list were activities such as: Reports for clients Correspondence with clients Time Tracking Billing preparation Internal database updates Monitoring workflow Advising clients of […]

Lessons from a Year in Consulting: Sales Training Weekly

Lessons from a Year in Consulting: Sales Training Weekly When starting Chambers Pivot Industries, I have used the excellent guide from Alan Weiss, Phd. titled Million Dollar Consulting. In it, he introduced me to the idea that in order to grow a consulting practice, there needs to be a focus on multiple product offerings at […]

When to Write a Project Proposal

When to Write a Project Proposal It’s another post in my series on Proposals. This time we’ll cover when to write one. In my first post, Writing a Project Proposal Outline, I covered the 3 part outline you should use to get the most from your submitted proposal. – Don’t go through the exercise of […]

You Don’t Fix Your Way to Growth

You Don’t Fix Your Way to Growth Great long-distance digital conversation this morning. (Well, as great as exchanging a massive amount of emails in a short time can be. . .) The subject? Fixes and Growth.

Thoughts on Retaining Sales Talent

Thoughts on Retaining Sales Talent If this isn’t your first rodeo in managing a sales team, you’ll recognize that there are two challenges in building one. The first is obviously, building a high performance sales team. One that has the ability to adapt to rapid change,

Effective Communication Starts With Defining Terms

Effective Communication Starts With Defining Terms The challenges of communicating are well documented. The important elements of effective communication is well documented. What can I add to the vast trove of communication literature clogging the innertubes? A place to start.

Fees and Negotiation

Fees and Negotiation As you would expect, a lot of my time is spent talking about Money. It’s only 1 of the Big 3 resources needed for a project (timing and people are the other 2 . . . another topic) but Money is the one that gets everyone in the room to stand at […]