Building Trust in a Connected World


Trust me.

Today I offered a client some communication advice. Using specific language that helps their prospect come to a “yes” or “no” decision faster. Shortening the sales cycle. Language that hasn’t changed in many, many years. 

This article was sent to emphasize the points I made. Especially the part about the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Read on:

I was roused from my slumber by a persistent low-level buzzing. My son’s phone was sitting on the fireplace mantle and in the early, early morning quietude, the vibrating ringer was making the house shake. I ran down to see if there was an issue.  The urgent text?

“Nah” Read more

What Has Happened, Will Happen – Tactics for Lead Generation



In our first episode, we went to the white board and put a frame around the challenge of complex lead generation for professional services. (“Complex Lead Generation – a Big List of Tactics“) In the second episode, we went into that frame and identified where to start, which is measuring what is already happening. (“How We Generate Early Stage Leads in a Complex Sales Process“) Now we’re going to the other side of the diagram and covering the next tactic to employ.

We’re going to use Content but this has been called Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Thought Leadership, Magnetic Marketing and other terms over the years. We’ll cover the thinking behind why we move to this after measuring current activity and how it maps to the decision process of our prospects and customers.

Let’s get into it. Read more

How We Generate Early Stage Leads in a Complex Sales Process

Lead Generation for Professional Services


In my last missive we ran through a high level Big List of Complex Lead Generation Tactics. Someone gave me the white board and the scribbles were flying. Heads nodded and understanding floated down. “I get it,” someone offered.

“Now what?”

Start with the big list of tactics and shore up the activities you’re currently engaged in.  Read more

Helping Your Sales Team Qualify Prospects with the Budget Question

price versus value

Price and Value

“I’ve looked at things from both sides now. . .”

There was an article in this past weekend’s Wall Street Journal that used Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” as a metaphor for life. It’s what comes to mind when describing my weeks as a purchaser of services. I’ve been playing the part of the customer and the experience has given me some thoughts on new language your people can test and why I think it may open some  new opportunities in 2015.  Read more

LinkedIn, Sales Prospecting and Being Open to a Better Future


This week I was planning on covering two inter-related issues: loyalty to your providers and keeping up with changes in thinking that may help your business thrive in the future. It sat in my drafts for a few days and then I received a LinkedIn invitation from someone that I didn’t know.

LinkedIn Invitation

The Ubiquitous LinkedIn Invite

He works at a life insurance company. I thought “Hey! This will be a live example of keeping an open mind yet staying loyal” and in this case it would be a new idea from a new contact. I would contrast that with the years of history with my other contacts. Then I received the follow up note. It was a standard “we should chat” note that used to come via phone call, then email, and now LinkedIn.

I couldn’t do it. The note violated one of my core sales beliefs: what’s in it for the customer?  Read more

3 Chambers Pivot Customer Service Secrets

Customer Service Secrets

At its core, there are 3 places you can look for new business: new customers, existing customers and inside your customer service efforts. While 2 and 3 sound alike, one is a sales driven effort and the other is a company mindset. I want to give you a peek at 3 of my 6 Customer Service Secrets. Read more

MintonDickes on the Power of Systems for Success


Bruce Dickes & Dennis Minton 

Minton Dickes
(Bruce DickesDennis Minton are Organizational Consultants. Enjoy the Monday Morning Minute.)

If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing” – W. Edwards Deming 


MintonDickes on Beginning With the End in Mind.


Bruce Dickes & Dennis Minton 

Minton Dickes
(Bruce DickesDennis Minton are Organizational Consultants. Enjoy the Monday Morning Minute.)

“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening.” – Doug Larson 


Sales and the Death of Marketing

death of a marketer

Wistia had a great post from their “Relationship Whisperer” a few weeks ago. It’s titled “Sales, like rock ‘n’ roll, will never die“. Read more

Privacy is the New User Best Practice – Part Two

Privacy is the New Black

Still watching you

Check out California!

Have you heard of the California Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)? It’s making the rounds! The legal counsel of two clients have asked for some clarification in the last few days. It’s hot. Read more