It’s happened again. Your partner came to work with another idea for how to find customers.

Before dismissing it with a “Yeah I’ll get right on that when I finish everything else I have to to”, take a minute and define a few things.

Not all ideas are good ones, but all it takes is one good one to make money, so you need a system that will help you size up every notion. Try this one on for size.

Start with the criticism Oreo cookie. Good-criticism-good.

“I like that idea, Cyd. Let’s talk about this for a minute.” (the good)

Now, look for a measurement. (the criticism)
“Say we did this, where would I see it?
Where are we right now?
Where will we be?
What’s the value of the difference?”

“I’m not trying to discourage the idea – I want to get better at figuring out which ideas to run with.” (the good)

It’s a cookie. A technique that brings down the defenses, makes a point and then keeps future ideas coming.

In this case, the trick is trying to establish how success would be measured.

The cookie won’t stop the ideas from being a distraction, but it will provide a “language” that can identify which ideas are worth pursuing.

Good stuff.

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