Right Fit Newsletter #171 – Negative Data, A new event, Martins

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Quick notes to help you get more sales and marketing done in less time. . . next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Can your people bring you negative data? If your initial reaction is to come up with explanations and dig into the reasons behind the results, pause and put on your logic hat to counter what is a reflexive emotional response.
  • On the other hand, if your initial reaction is to dive into the data sources and conclusions, take a moment to ask the presenter for stories. You default to logic, so a dose of emotion will help.
  • Unless negative data turns you off and you instinctively want to push the news aside and chase the presenter out of your office. In that case you already have enough emotion. Take a minute and get curious. “Tell me about the data.”
  • Last, if your immediate reaction is to mentally bump it against your own data and ignore what doesn’t fit, humor them by getting curious. Encourage your people to tell you human stories. You’ll improve the “next steps” in your brain.

Being Human – Selling professional services

“A can’t miss event!” 


The last time I tried to put this event together, I was late to the starting line and a family issue cropped up. This year it’s coming together like magic. It pays to plan early.

“Getting New Clients: What to do when golf isn’t enough.” 

Part of my Ultimate Rainmaker Series. Getting New Clients is a highly participative, interactive program focusing on one of the two most important skills of professional services rainmakers: opportunity development. Attorneys, accountants, advertising executives, engineers, and consultants will walk out with actionable plans for creating and selling larger, more lucrative engagements. This event will more than pay for itself before the end of the year.

It’s a day and a half seminar/workshop in Milwaukee late September, the day before the Eagles vs. Packers Thursday Night NFL game. Since the timing is right, this training event will include fantastic, one of a kind upgrade opportunities:

  • A special dinner on Wednesday night.
  • Game day private bus to the ultimate pre-game hot spot: Hinterland Brewery directly across the street from Lambeau.
  • Tickets to the game.
  • Optional golf on Friday (because sometimes golf “is” enough) in Kohler at one of the American Club courses.
  • Plus, the opportunity to visit with a very special guest.

If you’ve never been to an NFL game, you’ll be amazed. If you’ve never been to Lambeau, it’s a bucket list event. If you have been to Lambeau, we’ll still knock your socks off.

The workshop is set up to handle up to 18. Ping me if you want to be on the early-bird list. I’ll open up registration in July.

Random Stuff


Martin Short: Let me just say, Steve, what an honor it is for me to be standing next to a man who is a novelist, a playwright, a musician, a composer, and a legendary comedian.

Steve Martin: And let me say what an honor it is for me to be standing next to the man who is standing next to that man.


I enjoyed a night out on the town with my lovely bride last night, seeing the talented duo Steve Martin and Martin Short perform. My sides still hurt. Just a little.

It brought back memories of being a young lad listening to Wild & Crazy Guy in my neighbor’s basement. I had quite the crush on his sister, who occasionally had to talk to me because she was our babysitter. I can almost smell the dark, wood paneled basement on a snowy day after playing outside, stripped down to long underwear while our wet clothes were in the dryer, waiting to hear punch lines we already knew by heart. Secretly hoping his sister would walk through and say hello. Good memories.

They were especially strong when Martin Short stripped down to this long-john-like outfit while performing Step Brother de Jesus:

step-brother-de-jesus (image from https://krispyweiss.tumblr.com/)

If you get a chance to see them, do it.

Before they’re dead.

(their joke, not mine!)


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