Business Growth Consultant #308 This week: Thanking, Pausing, Knowing

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In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • A favorite saying is “what has happened, will happen.” As  Thanksgiving week ends, think back to previous Decembers What has happened before, will happen again. Get ready.
  • This time of year is great for checking in. If you don’t hear from me, however, know that you’re on my mind. Swear. 
  • As you fall asleep, remind yourself to give thanks. We’re not in control of the time we’re born into, but we are in control of how we react to it. Appreciating the little things before we drift into slumber is one way of taking control.
  • Thanking someone for a fleeting moment of delight guarantees they’ll try to delight another person. The key is to be sincere in thanking. It sparks a chain reaction.

Being Human – Pausing

“Rut a tut tut. . .”

Part of being human is the ability to pause. I used to work for Mr. Carl and he said something like, “Gregory, the difference between you and your cat is that you can pause. Your cat is all STIMULUS-RESPONSE, but you can add a pause in there.” He’d stomp the floor and tell me that a cat hears it and jumps, but we can pause for a sec and ask ourselves, “why is he stomping?”

As the year comes to an end, consider where you’ve lost your pause. Where you’ve turned into the cat and simply respond to a regular, repeating stimulus. Add a pause. Ask yourself, “why am I doing this, in this way? Where did this come from?”


Random stuff


““He knows many things, but he knows all of them badly.”
– Homer 

I like being reminded that there are many subjects where my knowledge is an inch deep. This usually happens the morning after I get my toe stuck in the funwheel, as they say. Revisiting some of the nonsense that poured out of my mouth the night before brings a slight smile to my lips. I embodied the quote, he knows many things, but he knows all of them badly.

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA friends.


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