Business Growth Newsletter #193 – Mo-momentum, Appearances, Burning for you

Sales and marketing Newsletter

Quick notes to help you grow your business in less time with less effort. . . sometime next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Some look to motivation as the cure for employee engagement, my past self included. Today I’m convinced it’s momentum, not motivation we should be looking at.
  • Momentum, specifically helping employees gain momentum, leads to increased engagement. Check it against your experience, when you have been most engaged is it because you were being sparked and prodded, or is it because obstacles were being moved out of your way?

  • As I’m reading “They Call Me Supermensch” by Shep Gordon, super-agent, he basically describes his job as a momentum builder. Remove all obstacles. (and get the money, always remember to get the money, and never forget to always remember to get the money, page 64)
  • You know the things that will rob you of momentum and they fall into four buckets: physical, mental, spiritual, and the rules. Take time next week to think about your buckets. Keep the momentum going or maybe just get it started. All good.

Being Human – In the eye of the beholder

“Looking the part helps get the chance to fill it. But if you fill the part, it matters not if you look it.” – Malcolm Forbes


Executive presence is a topic I’ve been noodling on lately. Part of it has to do with watching a rerun of Moneyball, part of it is musing about luck and circumstance, part of it comes from the attendees in a firm I just workshopped, and part of it has to do with reviews on Malcolm Gladwell’s new book “Talking to Strangers.”

We get through life on quick judgments and when those judgments are in our favor we like them, but when they’re against us we want better treatment. This human condition can present opportunities (Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s), expose us to confirmation bias (a firm filled with great looking 6’2″ guys in suits), or spur a call for change (Gladwell’s book – I think. . . I haven’t read it yet).

It’s restating the obvious, but we humans are comfortable with what we know because it takes tremendous energy, both psychic and physical, to press into new spaces and experiences. In other words, we’re predisposed to stick to what got us here.

Next week get out of your comfort zone, especially if you happen to be interviewing a candidate for a new position. It’s easy to jump to conclusions based on a bright smile, confident walk, and firm handshake. It takes a lot of effort to seriously consider a slouching, limp-wristed, damp-palmed candidate, but as Forbes alludes to in his quote, if the job done well, looking the part won’t an issue.

Good stuff.

Random Stuff


“‘An’ I was too, too hot baby
Too hot to handle” – UFO


Mmm. Brussel sprouts. Normally I’m not a fan, but after cooking some pork chops in a pan on the grill, flipping some halved sprouts, tomatoes, and grapes in the pork juice with some EVOO seems like a great idea. Tasty even.

The only problem would be if between dropping off the chops and heading back outside balancing a plate of veggies, I forget the pan handle is now say, oh, 400 degrees.

If you were in and around Omaha Thursday night, the hot handle is why I was swearing so loud and now type this left handed. Wow, it was hot. And it’s definitely leaving a mark.

The upside? My fingerprints burned off, so my future career as a super-spy is almost guaranteed.


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