Level Up

level up selling

Are you a gamer? Are your kids gamers?

Look at how games are structured: unlimited lives. Sure, you may only have 3 or 5 or 7 in  single game, but you can keep hitting reset and re-playing those levels over and over again, right?

Well, apply that to your business. The questions asked by a prospect, the questions asked by employees, the requests from customers. They are all an opportunity to “level up.” What has happened, will happen is a favorite saying of mine. These games are built on that premise. To get better, you have to recognize what happened last time in order to level up. You have to practice to get better.

Here’s the key point: you don’t have to be perfect to get to the next level. You simply have to find a way to advance.

So next time you review your day, consider all of the events you faced and the responses you gave. What has happened, will happen.

Use that knowledge to Level Up.