Sales Marketing Newsletter 215 – Feedback loops, Mentor-Coach-Teacher, Waterrower

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Quick notes to help you grow your business in less time with less effort. . . sometime next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • As someone who has received feedback, a common thought is, “Well, it would have been nice to know that BEFORE now.” Share your expectations and double check for understanding at the start.
  • “Nailed it!” It’s a great feeling when preparation meets opportunity and your people rise to the occasion. Effective managers are happy for their people in the moment, less effective managers look for ways to take credit.
  • If everything is a priority, nothing is, says the wise man. It’s true because we have to start somewhere, so it’s helpful to add, start anywhere because we have to go everywhere.
  • Coaching a team of young people is one of life’s little joys piled into the “hours are long, years are short” category. Especially if you enjoy storytelling.

Being Human – Mentors, Coaches, Teachers

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin


In 2019 I spent time coaching executives, mentoring executives, and teaching high school students. This week I was asked, “what’s the difference?” Good question. The words are used so interchangeably its confusing. This is my take.

Mentors tend to be responsive to your input. You say X is happening, you want Y to occur, or you’re considering Z action and the mentor weighs in.

Coaches tend to bring in outside evidence to help you reach a goal. You want to do X, the coach goes outside you to provide a different point of view, identifies the gap to bridge, and helps you get to the other side.

Teachers tend to focus on the transfer of knowledge. Once the information has been moved, it’s up to you to take action. I want to learn how to X, teacher tells-shows-you do-they review, end scene.

It’s easy to mix the three because they all work together in most advisor/advisee relationships. In general, if you’re looking to acquire a new skill, look for a teacher. If you’re looking to improve existing performance, look for a coach. If you’re looking for input from someone who has “been there, done that” find a mentor.

Random stuff

“Well,” he said, poking my stomach, “you could stand to lose a few pounds.” Dr. Bill 


Ode to a Waterrower

No one knows exactly when it showed up, but it’s been here for a while now, tormenting me. If memory is correct, it was a combination of seeing one in a nice home, beer, seeing a semi-famous person using one at the gym, and a doctor’s visit. My doc is the wife’s uncle and he’s amazing. His only flaw is the constant reminder there’s no rule for me to carry extra pounds.

Whatever led to it, it’s here now. Every day. In my office. Taunting me to roll it out and, well, be tortured. 30 minutes on the device is enough to make me feel like a wet noodle. Who am I fooling? 10 minutes!

I was just asked if I’d recommend it. I’m still not sure what to say. “Yes, it does what it says and, boy, it feels like 85% of your body’s muscles are used! It is a bonus that it looks like furniture and can fit in your office. . . but what they don’t tell you is it just stands there, silently judging. . .”

Maybe I should just move it next to the fridge.


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