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Attribution Beyond the Last Click

Attribution Beyond the Last Click

Last Click Attribution


Adobe has a great little infographic about the challenges of determining where to attribute successful conversions. Check it out.

Adobe Attribution Infographic

Adobe Attribution Infographic

This brings up a topic that is near and dear to me: expecting your datasets to hold all the answers. Check out this video.

I bumped into it when I bumped into the book Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross. Lead generation inside of Salesforce.com. Good read. Smart man.

Yes, we’re in an age of lots of data and we’re collecting more of this unstructured data every day. I see multi-page ads in the Wall Street Journal about “managing your unstructured data” almost every day. (many ads for watches too. . .the titans of industry love to know what time it is)

It’s enough to know that “last click attribution” doesn’t tell the whole story. Knowing that will change how you view your analytics and (most important) will change how you communicate your measures to your non-marketing, non-sales, management counterparts.

Good stuff.

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