Marrying Your Content Strategy and SEO Strategy

Marrying Your Content Strategy and SEO Strategy

Content Strategy and SEO Strategy

Doug & Courtney

It’s about time you two met!

Great Content, meet Excellent SEO. Excellent SEO, meet Great Content.

If you’re not familiar with the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’ve been missing out on a great re-branding exercise. Being relevant to your target audience has always been the Holy Grail of organic traffic but if you can’t tell the “robots” where to put your awesome relevant content into the search engines, you were (as my new friend Matt puts it) “The world’s greatest secret”. Which sounds nice, but doesn’t pay well.

This isn’t a note about my experiences with the technical, tactical purveyors of SEO or about experiences with the content strategists. It’s a way for me to introduce a great little 109 slide presentation from the Principle Experience Architect at REI, Jonathon Colman. (I’d make fun of his title but, heck, I call myself El Presidente)

Check it out: (you can move through it quickly – it’s great content)


As I’m fond of saying, “Help your customers make good decisions”. If you do that well, your offerings will be part of those decisions most of the time. I swear.

Good stuff.

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