Sales and the Death of Marketing

death of a marketer

Wistia had a great post from their “Relationship Whisperer” a few weeks ago. It’s titled “Sales, like rock ‘n’ roll, will never die“. Read more

Do you use LinkedIn?

Linked In Logo

Linked In

Sometimes LinkedIn is a total time suck, and sometimes it’s an amazing way to connect.

Other times, it’s where some other points of view and opinions congregate. Like this exchange: Read more

Local Search Engine Marketing and Business Cards

Locals only Search

Locals Only

How hard is it to get up to the top of the charts for local searches? Interesting question.

I have been helping a local printer with this question for a few months now. When we started, his site was just starting to show up on the search engines. 2 months later, it’s starting to crawl up bit by bit, but traction takes 6-8 months if past experience is any indicator. In this note I’ll take you through some of the things that Chris and I have been working on. Read more