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Facebook Pages Changes Again

Facebook has changed again.

Facebook Algorithm Changes October 2012


That picture has been popping up all over FB fan pages as Facebook does its best to tamp down the relative spamminess of  what shows up in your personal FB feed. Page managers aren’t happy to see their engagement numbers drop and as they look to drive those numbers back up it feels like Facebook is “forcing” pages into buying ads to get their messages out. Superstar Mark Cuban has been particularly vocal: http://allfacebook.com/mark-cuban-facebook-reach_b104785

Interesting stuff.

I’ve had a lot of big data discussions in the last few months and this fits right into it. What do you do with the data points you collect from Facebook?

Don’t worry, I’m not about to get all “Here’s what your new Facebook Strategy should be” or “Your fans deserve to see all your content dammit!” on you. I just want to show you a couple of things.

Facebook engagement. Using Likes, Comments and Shares, the #1 page is Jesus Daily.  The October 25th post had 1MM likes, over 100K comments and 50K shares.

The week before Dippin Dots declared bankruptcy, its Facebook page had 5MM likes.

What do these things mean? Probably nothing.

But I will say this. . .if the people complaining about the Facebook changes stopped complaining about the # of social interactions they are missing and started to show me some analytics that show the needle pivoting down in store visits, assisted conversions and brand awareness tied to the Facebook change, that would get my attention.

Until then, Facebook gets the benefit of the doubt for keeping the user experience of its Billion Users above the needs of us business owners. We’ll figure something out. We’re ‘mericans dammit.

Good stuff.

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