Google’s Disappearing Organic Search Results

Google’s Disappearing Organic Search Results

Google disappear search results

buh bye!

In working with an ecommerce retailer over the past year that has watched their revenue flatten and then decline over time, we found a direct correlation between the rise of Google Adwords and Google Product Listing Ads against the declining Organic traffic that came to the site. I will be covering the details in an upcoming case study.

We didn’t take the time to measure the real estate on the screen, but you know what? Others did!

Check out this post from Tutorspree:

How Google Is Killing Organic Search

I am seeing this play out across multiple industries and the reactions range from outrage to opportunism. My take?

Try, Fly or Die.

I tell clients that once we figured out a solution that produced results we have 3 years before everyone caught up and a new challenge needed to be faced. Now it’s two years.

Dig in with your vendors. Ask about Adwords changes. Make sure your data is tagged with Schema.org approved markers. Check your process against your customer’s decision making processes. (hint: ask your customers directly. Don’t guess)

Like the captain of a ship, there is no need to react to every threat on the horizon. . .but you better know where you’re at in order to correct course.

Good stuff.

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