Predictable Growth for Professional Service Firms

Predictable Growth for Professional Service Firms What would you think of a book that teaches readers to learn how buyer’s decision processes are changing and how to prepare professional service firms for those changes? It would include sections on controlling the conversation, planning technology outlays, working with consultants/contractors, mapping the acquisition process, developing a marketing database, nurturing leads […]

Minton Dickes on The Power of a Positive Attitude

MintonDickes on The Power Of a Positive Attitude (Bruce Dickes & Dennis Minton are Organizational Consultants. Enjoy the Monday Morning Minute.) “Successful men become successful only because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success.” ~ Napoleon Hill THE POWER OF A POSITIVE ATTITUDE

What a Tropical Shirt Can Tell Us About Value

What a Tropical Shirt Can Tell Us About Value I had a great discussion last week about selling to “value”. One of my favorite analogies was put to use. The price and value of a Ralph Lauren 100% Viscose orange tropical shirt versus the old Mad Gringo 100% Rayon orange tropical shirt. Game on.

Revisiting 4 More Ways to Measure a Project’s ROI

“What’s the ROI?” It’s time to bring up one of my past posts. It’s all about helping a client calculate the Return On Investment of a project. How do you know when this question needs addressing? It sound like this: “What’s the ROI?” (it’s not rocket science. . . though I like to pretend. . […]