3 Lessons from The Legend of Mad Gringo

3 Lessons from The Legend of Mad Gringo I’m almost done. This last part is the painful part for me. It’s like driving your kid to school for the first time and you’re thinking “did I do this? does she know that? what’s going to happen when?” as the blocks roll by. I’m doing that to the […]

Pricing and Cash Flow

Pricing and Cash Flow This from the HBR Daily Stat: A Round-Number Price Helps You Sell Faster, but for a Lower Amount Items listed on eBay at round-number prices such as $200 sell for 6% to 8% less than those listed at “precise” numbers such as $198, says a team led by Matt Backus of Cornell, yet […]

Where’s the data hiding?

Where’s the data hiding? Car shopping. I don’t think the process has changed much in 30 years. Sure, the internet came along and made it easier to put off walking on the lot, but you still end up having to go there, test drive and get invited back to the office “to talk.” Last month we went […]