Trust and Selling

Trust and Selling Last weekend I was forced to complete a task the equivalent of visiting the dentist about a sensitive tooth. Car shopping. I needed to pick up a replacement vehicle for the kids. Not only was it going to be a visit to the dreaded car dealer, it was going to be a […]

Fortune Cookie Wisdom #2 – Yes, yes, yes, you’re doing it all right

Yes, yes, yes, you’re doing it all right Look at how the top managers get top performance from their teams. You’ll see them reinforcing proper behaviors as much as you will see them correcting improper behaviors. I’m pretty sure that’s how my wife has trained me to stay on top of my household chores. It […]

Teleseminar: Using Fit to Sell More to Existing Customers

Teleseminar: Using Fit to Sell More to Existing Customers You’ve heard it said that it’s 5 times cheaper to sell to existing clients, but how do you do it? I’ll explore a case study where we came close to that goal on Thursday at noon CST. Register here. (recording will be sent 24 hours after […]

Perception and Fit

Perception and Fit You hear this one all the time, “Perception is reality.” Especially if you’re in sales where it’s almost a hymn. You can apply it to your people too. How they perceive you as a leader and how they perceive their work is their reality. I can see your head nodding slightly and […]

Fortune Cookie Wisdom #7 – The Sure Way To Sales Improvement

The Sure Way To Sales Improvement Most sales training falls short of expectations because it pits a yes answer against no. As in, yes is the optimal answer and no is the suboptimal one. If that same sales training elevates no to the same plane as yes and pits them both against an answer of […]

Who is Your #2?

Who is Your #2? I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership lately because I overheard someone say “they’re not a good leader” in a 360 feedback session. It was something about how they said it that stuck with me. I’ve turned it over in my mind multiple times, because what makes a good leader?