Where is your Energy Directed?

Where is your Energy Directed? This Father’s Day, I was invited to buy my family breakfast at the local pancake house. We weren’t the only ones in town with this idea, and were placed on a waiting list with a promised fifteen to twenty minute wait. I took mental note of who looked like they […]

Outcomes Not Outputs

Outcomes Not Outputs   This article originally appeared in Amalgamate: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business, Summer 2015 Your team of marketing professionals are expert communicators. Plying their trade in semantics. They love the discussion around the differences found in words like Outcomes and Outputs. To an industry outsider, those words may be synonymous to […]

Get More From NPS

Get More From NPS Are your people using the Net Promoter Score (NPS)? I have some valuable words and pictures to store in your head for next time you get NPS scores from the leadership team. . .easy ways for you to deepen the discussion. Pro tip #1: Get more from it by refusing to let it […]

Effort, Results, Time and FIT

Effort, Results, Time and FIT [an excerpt from my future book, “The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth.”] Effort, Results, Time, and FIT Why is this important? It’s important because in a world where engineers are increasingly convinced that human behavior can be broken down into bits and bytes, this exercise reminds us that we’re […]