Are You Working Too Hard for New Business?

Are You Working Too Hard for New Business? This note is for growing companies under 150 employees. Regardless of how fast you’re growing, on a scale from easy to hard, 1 to 5, how would you rank the effort expended to find more business? Think of 1 as “so easy that I have to pinch myself every day to see […]

Writing Content: What’s Your Company’s Tone of Voice?

Writing Content: What’s Your Company’s Tone of Voice? When your marketing team asks, “we’re thinking about using a conversational tone of voice for this piece, are you okay with that?” Do you find yourself getting annoyed and thinking, “why are you asking me? Isn’t this what I’m paying you for?” If so, this little article is […]

Not Being Your Own Worst Boss

Not Being Your Own Worst Boss Check out this interview I did on The Entrepreneur Way with Neil Ball. Neil is out of Manchester, England and I’m in Omaha, NE, but through the miracle of modern technology we had sit and a talk about sales and marketing. You can listen to it here: Neil […]

Newsletter #26 – Listening, Lay-offs, Dogs, Shoes

GREG’S RIGHT FIT NEWSLETTER #26 ———————————————————— Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. In this issue: – Techniques for FIT – Being Human – Random Stuff – Amalgamate: Summer 2016 in the mail

Teleseminar: Getting the Most From Your Marketing Vendors

Teleseminar: Getting the Most From Your Marketing Vendors Have you ever said something like this? “I think there are as many ‘marketing consultant’ hucksters out there as there are Nigerian Prince internet scams…I want to grow, we NEED to grow, but finding truly talented and capable marketing and sales professionals is more difficult and painful than […]

Amalgamate: Summer 2016 (#3 in a series)

The Summer 2016 Edition of Amalgamate It’s here! The  Summer 2016 edition of my semi-annual collection of ideas for your business. This edition includes ideas on Decision Making, Managing Your People, and Persuasion tactics your team can implement today. If you received a copy of the Summer Edition 2015 and the Winter Edition 2015, you’re going to get the Summer […]