Maslow and Being Present

Maslow and Being Present I was reading a little blurb/interview with Chip Conley, the CEO of Joie De Vivre Hotels

Hey. What Productivity Tools are you Using?

What Productivity Tools does Chambers Pivot Industries Use? The number of productivity tools out in the market is simply staggering. When it’s time to find software to help with the day to day, it’s easy to fall prey to “paralysis by analysis”. That state of consuming endless information looking for the “exact right solution”.

3 Questions this Week: Pricing, Adwords, EMail Formats

Questions of the Week I spent the last week traveling through the upper midwest. South Dakota to Minnesota to Wisconsin. Ending up in Fish Creek, WI. Meanwhile, my inbox filled up with comments, questions and progress reports from clients and friends. A couple of trends popped out, so let’s use those as launching points for […]

Privacy is the New User Experience Best Practice

Privacy is the New User Experience Best Practice Those of you that have engaged me for consulting know that I talk a lot about the line between “an awesome custom customer experience” and “being awesome at being creepy”. As we enter into the post-Snowden era, you’re going to see the best user experiences showing/telling/asking users […]

3 Email Marketing Questions Answered (part 2)

3 Email Marketing Questions Answered (part 2) Getting back to 3 common questions I get about customer database marketing: First was How Often? Answered here. Next is Should I Buy/Rent a list? Let’s tackle that now.