The NFL – A Bunch of Mama’s Boys

The NFL – A Bunch of Mama’s Boys Weekends are great. Sometimes I get to lay around, watch TV and eat rows and rows of Ritz crackers. Other times I find myself at a big table wolfing down ossobuco with an NFL Pro-Bowler. Last weekend it was the latter. I hated to be that guy, […]

The Ride Along

The Ride Along Recent events in Waco (9 killed in biker war at Waco, Texas restaurant) remind me of smaller conference room skirmishes that happen every day. Consider this scene. The curtain opens to show a Conference Room on floor 34 of the big bank building. There are 8 people gathered around a long table. The well dressed […]

Sunk Costs and Strategies

Sunk Costs and Strategies A recent article in the Omaha World Herald highlighted a debate in the state legislature about whether or not the progress  on the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s Technology Innovation Campus is meeting expectations. “Some question Nebraska Innovation Campus’ pace, funding requests, private-sector buy-in” A quote in the article sounds like it was ripped […]